The Last Remnant: Neue Screenshots

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The Last Remnant ist ein actionlastiges Rollenspiel und basiert auf der Unreal Engine 3 von EpicGames. Im Gegnsatz zu Final Fantasy setzt es auf einen eigenen Grafikstil sowie ein neues Kampfsystem.

Im Spiel geht es um alte Artefakte, die das Gleichgewicht der Welt aus den Fugen bringen. In einem Krieg müsst ihr Gefechte gewinnen, die nach Angaben von Square Enix, bis zu 70 Einheiten umfassen. Das Spiel soll 2008 erscheinen.

Hier seht ihr nun einige Screenshots zum Spiel:



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  1. Warhammer sagt:


    Above review was well thought out. As for me I like the new design. The wings were much too long in the concept art and I wouldnt mind it a little smaller. The new cockpit is great. There’s ongoing debate about this but I prefer the increased visibility. The glass may be a point of vulnerability but realistically your shields are the main defense, once those are down I doubt even heavy armor is going to stop a missle or a middle to high end energy weapon from tearing a hole in your ship. Once depressurization occurs no matter where you are hit, the battle is all but lost so trading increased visibility for a little less armor is an easy choice. One also wants to see space in all its glory not peer through it from a slit. Others have commented on exterior cameras which would form the exterior image on your hud. Not a bad idea but that would be too vulnerable to EMP weapons, ship energy malfunction or damage, even eletromagnetic phenomenon in space. With so many variables which could affect your electronics I prefer the safety net offered by my own two eyes. As for the size of the ship…I think the concept art looked larger because there was not a drawing of a person to scale it. Also 20 tonnes is a measurement of weight not size. There could be materials i.e exotic alien ore, in the Robert’s universe that weigh a lot but do not occupy a lot of space. By indicating the Lancer can carry 20 tonnes, Chris is providing more of an indication of the ships “horsepower” rather its size. The style is also very good. The Stella looked like a beaked bird of prey. An apex predator of the skies like a bald eagle with its talons extended. The lancer is a mid level bird like an owl. Smaller, wider, and with big eyes for better visibility. It has that intellectual look an owl possesses but with two big talons to take care of prey/opponents. The Lancer also has a nice fighter/freighter crossover design. Powerful enough totake on a hornet but small enough to be able to run away from it. We haven’t seen the interior of the Lancer but even the Stella did not have multiple and separate habitable areas like the Firefly. It is more realistic for living areas like the dining/kitchen/sleep areas to be small and space efficient like a submarine or sailboat. Long range space exploration and/or habitation must have a a feel that you are “roughing it” that way cities in the planets and space stations actually feel like a welcome respite.
    There are some nitpicks, I would rather have the sides with what I can only guess are the afterburners to be extended farther from the fuselage, as it currently looks now it seems too thin in the third picure from the left. Entending them out fruther would not only improve its aesthetic but it is practical as the afterburners are too close to the ship and would start burning/eroding the main thruster as well as part of the fuselage. Also the tail fins are still too long, they seem to be an afterthought to enhance style which doesn’t really accomplish it. I pledged for a 300i but I am leaning towards upgrading to a Lancer as it has more versatility and is simply a cool looking ship. Keep up the good work guys.