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  1. es gibt auf youtube ein kompletten walktrouh.


    hier die zeiten der videos.


    Chapter 1: 29 minutes

    Chapter 2: 16 minutes

    Chapter 3: 46 minutes

    Chapter 4: 24 minutes

    Chapter 5: Cannot find this one on Youtube.

    Chapter 6: 7 minutes

    Chapter 7: 6 minutes

    Chapter 8: 21 minutes

    Chapter 9: 43 minutes

    Chapter 10: 4 minutes

    Chapter 11: 11 minutes

    Chapter 12: 5 minutes

    Chapter 13: 5minutes

    Chapter 14: 6 minutes

    Chapter 15: 11 minutes

    Chapter 16: 9 minutes


    bin doch ein wenig enttäuscht.viele chapters sind nur reine cutscenes.



    hier die videos.


  2. Ich warte mal auf die ersten Tests.




    Hardcore Gamer - 4/5

    TheSixthAxis - 8/10

    AusGamers 10/10

    playstationlifestyle - 8/10

    Videogamer - 8/10

    New Game Network - 72/100

    Thisgengaming - 8/10

    Gameblog - 4/5

    Readersgambit - 8/10

    Moviepilot: 8.5/10

    Gamekult - 7/10

    Gametrailers - 9/10

    IGN 8.7/10

    Gameinformer - 9/10

    Polygon - 6.5/10

    The Escapist - 3/5

    Joystiq - 2.5/5



    da sind doch mal ein paar ordentliche wertungen bei. hat das game auch verdient.

  3. ich freu mich drauf, hoffe das der Beyond endlich morgen mit DHL bei mir ankommt.


    hier mal ein eindruck von einem NeoGAF user (keine Spoiler).


    Okay here is my impression and I finished the game yesterday.


    Playtime was about 9-10 hours if not more, so okayish.



    Graphics: Most beautiful graphics on the PS3. There were so many moments were I didn't know that I have to play (more than in The Last of Us). Incredible scenes and very cool lightning. Sometimes it stuttert a bit when there were fast paced scenes. I played this game together with a group of friends and the woman wanted us to keep playing because they were amazed at how much this game looks like a movie - it's way better than anything else on the console. There are scenes were it cannot hold the quality, but it's only two scenes were I thought that.


    Gameplay: Well, after about 5 minutes you are able to control it very well... never had any problems and there were two scenes (Stealth scenes) were I had very much fun. I played together with a friend. He played Aiden and I played with Jodie, both of us could just switch with triangle. We played on the "Play videogames often" difficulty, but didn't have any problems at all. We tried two scenes with different choices and were surprised how different a few scenes were. Well.. there are many choices and quiete a few sad ones which made the woman in our group cry. :-( so be prepared.


    Sound: Awesome, chilling inspiring soundtrack. I want to buy it. Better than Heavy Rain.


    Story: I don't want to spoil anything, but like you saw in the Demo the game jumps around. This stylistic choice made my happy because the game doesn't get boring and holds back the twists like that. Good choice. The story itself is way better than Heavy Rain... and I liked Heavy Rain alot. Ellen Page and William Dafoe perform very good. There are scenes where our friends were so emotionaly bound that they screamed which choice we should make...


    In my opinion and two friends of mine which play videogames very often and one woman friend which played Heavy Rain we agreed that Beyond: Two Souls is a better game than Heavy Rain. It's a game which you have to play with a group of friends because everyone feels like they are involved in a movie experience. We even discussed how cool it would be to have choices in a cinema.


    Many different choices, great soundtrack and amazing graphics give the game a good value for it's money. So buy it. I can't believe that there are people out there which think that Heavy Rain is better.

  4. Etwas überraschend. Ich hätte diesmal mit weitaus positiveren Kritiken gerechnet, da doch nun jeder weiß, was man erwartet und laut QD hat Beyond auch mehr Gameplay als HR.


    hier etwas zu den Reviews.


    Von Gamesmaster UK


    ''A very basic summary of what they say is that the story is too jumpy to get invested in, the script and characters are mostly poor (outside of Jodie), some situations are unbelievable (even for a game partially about a psychic ghost), and interactivity is limited. On the positive side they say the best moments are when Jodie is younger (rather than the action-based parts when she's older), and that the technology behind it is strong.''



    Von Play


    ''Technically and graphically impressive, Beyond tells a story that never grips in quite the same way as it's predecessor. There's still nothing quite like like it, but David Cage clearly has trouble writing a concise, believable story and it shows.''

  5. ich will das spiel jetzt haben :)


    Review OXM UK.


    + Very meaty, very lengthy (took them about 30 hours to finish the main story, and took them around 40ish to complete everything)


    + Very cinematic, takes many cues from LA Confidential they said. Also according to the reviewer “A game that bridges cinema and the gaming universe.”


    + Motion Scan is the highlight for them, and the feeling of actually being a detective. They said no game comes close to the experience that they had with L.A Noire.


    + Great Narrative. In there opinion they said it has the dramatic, and cinematic storytelling of Heavy Rain, with the complexity of Metal Gear Solid, mixed with the length of Red Dead Redemption (but longer).


    + Excellent pacing. At first you start somewhat slow, but you quickly rise within the ranks. Once you finish the 30 hour epic you become attatched with the world, the characters, the cases. Not many games have done that for him (said the reviewer).


    - Gameplay is a bit clunky. If your fan of Red Dead, or GTA IV then the gameplay of LA Noire won’t feel out of place. That said, they were hoping for some advancement in this aspect.


    Overall Score: 10/10


    Closing comments;


    “If you were expecting L.A Noire to be a reskinned GTA then you will be left severely disappointed. Many times we hear, “Who will be gaming’s Citizen Kane?”. Personally, I don’t have the gall to say L.A Noire is that type of game. But it is a game that will revolutionize the gaming industry as we know it. Never in my 20 year history of gaming have I encountered a game with as much finesse, intelligence, and attention to detail as L.A Noire, and for that I applaud L.A Noire. A game which has the nerve to do so much, in an industry where a seldom few are.”





    Quelle: http://lggaming.wordpress.com/2011/05/12/oxm-uk-l-a-noire-review-sneaks-its-way-online/

  6. Sony: PlayStation Network Neustart derzeit ungewiss


    Das PlayStation Network ist nach wie vor offline und weiterhin fehlen genau Angaben, wann die Dienste wieder verfügbar sein werden.


    Shigenori Yoshida, ein Sprecher von Sony, äußerte gegenüber Bloomberg, dass der Neustart derzeit ungewiss ist. Aktuell ist man in einem Prozess, um eine verbesserte Sicherheit gewährleisten zu können. Das Ziel ist jedoch weiterhin bis zum 31. Mai wieder mit allen Diensten online sein zu können.


    Sony äußerte zuvor, dass man den Dienst erst wieder online stellen wird, wenn man für ausreichend Sicherheit gesorgt hat. Weitere Spekulationen gehen in die Richtung, dass Sony die Downtime dazu nutzt, um eventuell neue Features oder sogar eine neue XMB einzuführen.


    Quelle: http://*********.de/sony-playstation-network-neustart-derzeit-ungewiss/

  7. ja und? die quelle kenne ich nicht und rund ums thema findet man tausende seiten, wo es um den hack geht, nur weil ene seite jetzt angeblich infos darüber haben will, glaube ich es noch lange nicht.


    und solange es noch kein offizielles statement gibt, glaube ich auch nicht, das es anonymous war.....


    zwei vollidioten von anonymous hab sich doch bei der Financial Times gemeldet.








  8. wie ist das jetzt mit dem online-pass?


    kann man den jetzt einfach mit seinem deutschen account aktivieren oder muß man den über sein ösi account aktivieren.


    wenn man den nur über den ösi account aktivieren kann, kann man dann trotzdem mit seinem deutschen account online spielen ?

  9. Die exclusiven Inhalte für die 360:


    *Exclusive Mode: Puzzle Kombat - Features online play, leaderboards, and avatar support.

    *Exclusive Arena: The Pit 360 - Remake of The Pit III from MK3 (the indoor one with the spinning blades at the bottom)

    *King of the Hill mode will include avatar support.

    *DLC Character "Lady in Red" will be available to Xbox Live users as a free download for a limited time after her release.

    *Exclusive avatar gear will be available for purchase.


    Nunja, Kratos ist mir da lieber. :zwinker:


    wo hast du das denn her ?

  10. mal eine frage: ist der online-pass eigentlich account gebunden ?


    ich frage weil ich mir die US PS3 Version bestellt habe und da werde ich den pass wohl im us store eingeben müssen ( oder gibt man den irgendwo im spiel ein) . ich möchte aber natürlich mit meinem deutschen hauptaccout MK online zocken.


    kennt sich da jemand aus ?

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