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A Blended Family - Find Uncle Eduardo and bring him to Alessandro

A Childhood love - Return to Nell to give her news from Bobby and tell Bobby about Nell's feelings

A Debt of Honor - Refund Alessandro the doubloons he leant you

A Diplomat Captain - Convince Razzo to help you sneak into the Governor's map room on your first attempt.

A Light in the Dark - Resolve the puzzle of Tanner's statue

A nice little girl - Complete your first quest

A Solemn Vow - Make a wish and have it fulfilled

An Evil Presence - Bring together the two pieces of the strange egg to have a vision of the evil presence haunting Hollow Island

Forever United - Help Alessandro overcome the loss of his wife and restore his taste for life

Save the Briscoe Family - Save Thomas and Elizabeth Briscoe from their burning house on your first attempt

The Sense of Priorities - Refill the water jug and put it back in place before you go out to play with your friends.




A Tribute to Sunny Blonde - Talk to every single character in the game

Dexterity and Perseverance - Complete all minigames without cheating a single time




Everything comes to an end - Game completed

"Winter is coming"

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A sense of sharing - Win a Team Deathmatch.

Appetizer - Finish the tutorial.

Arms in the air - First weapons purchase.

Catch me if you can... - Kill an enemy caught up in his grappling gear.

Contract signed - Win a Contract match.

Exe-cutter - Stab an enemy to death.

Fireworks - Kill multiple enemies with an explosive.

Flag'n'drop - Win a Capture the Flag game.

Hot head - Kill an enemy and yourself with a grenade.

Keener than thou, stay away... - Stab an enemy in the back.

Mine sweeping underway - Destroy an enemy explosive.

No quarter - Win a Free For All game.

On the radar - First use of a Drone.

Out of it - Finish off an enemy who has been stunned by a stun grenade.

Piercing eyes - Kill an enemy through a wall.

Return to sender - Kill an enemy by sending his own grenade back to him.

Shopeteer - First equipment purchase.

The One - Win a Last Team Standing game.

Trigger happy - Be promoted to Sergeant.

Very discretely - Kill an enemy with a silencer.

What a blast! - Kill an enemy with an explosive.

You've lost your head! - Kill an enemy with a headshot.




A product that'll blow you away - Purchase all Booby traps equipment.

Able to work - Purchase all Abilities equipment.

Earning your stripes - Be promoted to Lieutenant I.

Grand Slam - Win a game in each game mode.

Never two without three - Succeed a Level III challenge

On familiar ground - Win a game on each map.

Pineapple express - Purchase all Projectiles equipment.

Scope dope - Purchase all Scope equipment.

Stunningly class - Succeed all Level I challenges.




Gun running - Purchase all weapons.

Money walks - Purchase all equip1ment.

No one in sight… - Win a match on each map for each game mode.

Report! - Reach the highest rank (Commander)

Who dares challenge me? - Succeed at all the challenges from level 3.




Badges of destiny - Gain all the trophies.

"Winter is coming"

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Sci-Fi Movies DLC




Light Speed - Earn 1,000 points from a Quick Pitch question in Scene It? Sci-Fi.




Clip Geek - Correctly answer 20 Movie Clip questions from Scene It? Sci-Fi.




Distorted Buzzer - Buzz in and correctly answer 25 Distorted Reality questions from Scene It? Sci-Fi.

"Winter is coming"

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2 guys 1 Pole - Kill 2 enemies with one javelin

Bonnie & Clyde wannabes - Kill Jean-Luc Lambert and Amelie Dubois

Burned His Mansion - Kill Luigi Palladino

Carnie Kid - Earn a score of over 1000 in each of the carnival games

Coward - Kill Cedro Valdez

Cut and Run - Kill 50 enemies with the Demon Arm Slash attack

Dark Akimbo - Kill 100 enemies while dual wielding 2 different guns as Jackie

Dark Ninjutsu - Complete a mission as Inugami

Embraced the Darkness - In Vendettas, acquire all the talents for one character

Executioner - Kill 50 enemies with Executions while playing as Jackie

Hell Hath No Fury... - Complete a mission as Shoshanna

Impish Delight - Kill 15 enemies while playing as the Darkling

It's 12pm Somewhere! - Complete a mission as Jimmy

Jackie's Got Talent - Purchase a Talent in the single player campaign

Karma's a Bitch - Kill a shielded enemy with his own shield

Mmmm Essence! - Pick up 5 Relics in the single player campaign

One Man Army - Kill 25 enemies while being dragged from the restaurant, without dying or restarting checkpoint

Ready for the Big Leagues - Kill 50 enemies with thrown objects

Romantic - Real guys know how to dance

Skeet Shoot - Throw an enemy into the air and kill him with gunfire before he lands

Suck it Up - Kill 50 enemies with Black Hole while playing as Jackie

Technical difficulties - Kill the NewsWatch 6 team of Tom Dawson, Bud Langley and Sara Stephens

That's Why I'm the Boss - Impress Dolfo in two different ways

The Bird is the Word - Avoid being run over in the parking garage

The Old Gibber - Kill 100 enemies with Gun Channeling while playing as Jackie

The Swarm King - Kill 50 enemies who are swarmed while playing as Jackie

This Kid's Got Potential - Max out 1 of Jackie's Talent Trees

Truly Talented - Max out 3 of Jackie's Talent Trees

Versatile Killer - Kill enemies in 5 different ways within 30 seconds

Voodoo is More Than Dolls - Complete a mission as JP

Whipping Boy - Kill Frank Marshall




Free the Mind - Finish the game on any difficulty

Relic Hunter - Find all 29 Relics in the single player campaign

Talent Show - Max out all of Jackie's Talent Trees

You've Made My Hit List - Complete 6 Hit List exclusive missions




At Home in the Dark - Finish all chapters in New Game+ on any difficulty

Don of Darkness - Finish the game on Don difficulty

The Brotherhood Crumbles - Complete Vendettas Campaign




Conquered the Darkness - Unlock all trophies


"Winter is coming"

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Artiste - Create a Logo and apply it to a CAF as a Tattoo.

Bragging Rights - Create a Highlight Reel.

Breaking your Toys - Win a match against the COM on Experienced Difficulty while using a CAF in Exhibition Mode.

Brute Force - Submission Slam or Stomp Escape the COM in Exhibition on Advanced Difficulty or Higher

Chopping 'em Down - Get the TKO win by damaging the opponent's legs.

Everyone's a Critic - Rate contents created by other players in Content Sharing.

Exhibition Excellence - Win 5 ranked Online matches in a row.

Extracurricular - Join an Online camp.

First of Many! - Win a ranked Online match for the first time.

Making it Rain - 10,000 or more shop points accumulated.

Online Amateur - Play 10 or more Online matches.

Practice Makes Perfect - Play an Online Fight Camp Sparring match.

Prepared to Win! - Play through each Training Game with a fighter in Career Mode.

PRIDE of a champion - Win 25 fights consecutively in Title Defense Mode.

Prime Time Fighting - Play and complete a 6, 7 or 8 card event in Event Mode.

Punching is Hard Work - Win a match on Ultimate in Exhibition or Tournament Mode with the Simulation Energy Settings.

Puppeteer - Create a CAF and modify the face with CREATE A FIGHTER.

Storied Career - Complete Career Mode with a CAF or Roster Fighter.

Willingness - Select a guided tutorial




A Quarter Down, Three to Go - Clear 25% or more of all game modes.

Breaking your Best Toys - Win against a CAF that obtained Career Hall of Fame in Exhibition on Expert Difficulty or higher.

Determined Champion - Clear Title Mode without any interruption.

Dual Division Champion - Use 1 fighter in Career Mode to win the UFC championship in 2 weight divisions.

Even Rocky Had a Montage - Create a Highlight Reel with 10 or more different fighters.

Fight Camp Frenzy - Win 10 consecutive Fight Camp Exhibition matches.

Getting A Leg Up - Defeat a COM on Advanced or higher in Exhibition or Tournament Mode with each Leg Submission.

GOOOAAL!!! - KO the opponent with a soccer kick.

Hall of famer - Enter the Hall of Fame with a fighter in Career Mode.

History is Best Both Ways - Obtain a 100% completion score with both fighters in a fight in Ultimate Fights Mode.

Online Journeyman - Play 500 or more ranked Online matches.

Pound for Pound - Win in each division in Exhibition with Advanced Difficulty or higher.

Training Expertise - Obtain a 4-star score in a Training Game with a fighter in Career Mode.

Triple Threatening - Obtain any level 3 move for 1 fighter in Career Mode.




Finish the Fight - After a KO or TKO, land 4 finishing blows and win the match.

Prolific Champion - Use 1 fighter in Career Mode and win the WFA Championship, UFC Championship, and PRIDE Grand Prix.




Platinum - Obtain all trophies




"Winter is coming"

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Art or Facts? - Race for Artifacts

Beat It - Beat Kleiver in Desert Race

Black Thumb Too - Kill Dark Plants in Forest

Blam! - Break Barrier with Blast Bot

Bombs on a Train - Escort Bomb Train

Boom Bada Boom - Destroy Incoming Blast Bots

Clear Vision - Activate Astro-Viewer in Forest

Crunched - Destroy Eggs in Nest

Duck and Dodge - Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins

Dude in Distress - Rescue Seem at Temple

Empty Nesters - Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest

Ex-plorer - Explore Eco Mine

Gate Crasher Masher - Defend Spargus' Front Gate

Hi Jak! - Hijack Eco Vehicle

Hot Babe - Defend Ashelin at Oasis

I Smell A Rat - Catch Kanga-Rats

I Want to Destroy! - Destroy War Factory Defenses

Is It Hot in Here? - Hang Glide to Volcano

Oh My Head - Collect 25 Metal Head Skull Gems

Plasma Ball - Destroy Dark Ship

Railing at the Wind - Travel through Catacomb Subrails

Shields are Down - Destroy Dark Ship Shield

Shoot 'em High - Defend Spargus from Attack

Swamp Gas - Reach Port via Sewer

Swimming Hole - Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer

Switcheroo - Find Switch in Sewers

Tanks for the Mammaries - Destroy Dark Eco Tanks

The Beast Beater - Destroy Metal Head Beasts

The Best Defense - Defend HQ from Attack

The Orbiter of Faith - Collect 50 Precursor Orbs

They Were Ruined Anyway - Break through Ruins

World Wild Fight - Defeat Marauders in Arena

Yippie Ki-Yay - Corral Wild Leapers

Zoom Zoom - Race for More Artifacts




Batter the Boss - Beat Cyber-Errol Boss

Big Tower Fall Down - Destroy Metal Head Tower

Bossing the Bot Boss - Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot

Can Can Cannon - Destroy Sniper Cannons

Do Gooder - Rescue Wastelanders 2

My Head Hurts - Collect 125 Metal Head Skull Gems

Port to Starboard - Defend Port from Attack

The Masked Marauders - Take Out Marauder Stronghold

The Orbiter of Taste - Collect 300 Precursor Orbs




Head Over Here - Collect 250 Metal Head Skull Gems

Taking Him Down - Destroy Final Boss

The Orbiter of Record - Collect 600 Precursor Orbs




Fait Accompli - For Stamina and Time On Your Hands and an insatiable need for completion.

"Winter is coming"

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All Assistants - Hire and use all assistant chefs

All Recipes - Unlock all recipes

All Restaurants - Five-Star all five restaurants

Burger Face - Learn how to cook a burger at Burger Face

Food Critic - Perfect the Food Critic at all five restaurants

Mini-game Master - Beat all 5 in-kitchen mini-games

Ned Special - Purchase a special ingredient from the delivery truck and use it in each of your restaurants

Paperboy - Score a 92 or better on the paperboy mini-game

Patron Pleaser - Please all 10 unique patrons

Pepper Chop Master - Master the Pepper Chop

Perfect 4 - Perfect a table of four




All Chef Spices - Purchase and use all Chef Spices appropriately

Fortified Chef - Win the Fortified Chef Battle




Coin Goal - Earn 100,000 coins

"Winter is coming"

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Bot Bot Boom Boom - Protect Hideout from Bomb Bots

Cha-ching - Collect Money for Krew

Dead and Gone - Retrieve Banner from Dead Town

Doggin' the Hellcats - Destroy 5 Hellcat Cruisers

Finders Keepers - Find Sig in Underport

Head Over Heels - Collect 50 Metal Head Skull Gems

Heavy Distortion - Attack the Metal Head Nest

I Heart Heart - Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab

Just the Artifacts Ma'am - Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain Temple

Kaboom! - Blow up Ammo at Fortress

Kersplash! - Destroy Equipment at Dig

More Power to You - Turn on 5 Power Switches

No Man is a Canyon - Use Items in No Man's Canyon

Poor Kid - Protect Kor and Kid

Scout's Honor - Catch Scouts in Haven Forest

Signature Moves - Protect Sig at Pumping Station

Skip the Stairs - Ride Elevator up to Palace

Speeding Slowly - Win Class 3 Race at Stadium

Strip Mine, Not Yours - Blow up Strip Mine in Eco Wells

Stripped Down - Rescue Vin at Strip Mine

Sunken Ship - Destroy Ship at Drill Platform

The Collector - Collect 25 Precursor Orbs

Timber! - Destroy Drill Platform Tower

Turrets Syndrome - Destroy Turrets in Sewers

We're All Friends Here - Rescue Friends at Fortress

What's That Smell? - Escort Men Through Sewers




Clap Hands - Get Seal Piece at Dig

Don't Let Him Get Away - Defeat Baron at Palace

Grin and Baron It - Defeat Baron in Mar's Tomb

Head Cheese - Collect 250 Metal Head Skull Gems

Lost and Found - Find Pumping Station Patrol

Over Easy - Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform

Speed Quicker - Win Class 2 Race at Stadium

Testosterone - Pass the Tests of Manhood

The Collectivist - Collect 125 Precursor Orbs

Who Knew Krew Blew? - Beat Krew in Weapons Lab




Head Master - Collect 510 Metal Head Skull Gems

Pedal to the Metal - Destroy Metal Kor at Nest

Speed Speedily - Win Class 1 Race in Stadium

The Collectationator! - Collect 286 Precursor Orbs




Done Done Done - For excellent and dedicated field work in the field of battle for completion.

"Winter is coming"

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Customizer - Unlock any locked loadout or costume item.

Initiated - Complete the Initiation mission.

Thanks for Playing! - Finish one match of Gotham City Impostors.

Total Victory - Win each game mode in Ace Chemical, Amusement Mile, Crime Alley, Gotham Power and The Docks.




Gearhead - Complete all feats related to a particular gadget or support item.

Hero of the Hour - Turn the tables in Fumigation when the enemy team's victory is imminent.

Kill Crazy - Earn a 10-kill streak.

Nemesaurus - Become a Nemesis 50 times.

Prestigious - Accept your first Promotion.

Shower of Gold - Earn 50 gold medals in Challenge mode.

Slap Happy - Kill 50 enemy players using the panic-slap melee attack.

Weapon Specialist - Complete all feats related to a particular weapon.

"Winter is coming"

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Battling Seizure Robots - Playing from stage 1, defeat the battling robot.

Bongo's Angst - Playing from stage 1, get Bongo to appear in 4 different levels.

Dysfunctional Family - Play in a 4-player match with three other people.

Easier Than Arm Wrestling - Defeat the Wrestler without any player dying.

Falling For Smithers - Playing from stage 1, fall through the deck after Smithers.

Helper Monkey - While performing a Team Attack, damage 25 enemies.

It Tastes Like Burning - Hurt Smithers with one of his own bombs.




Best Score Ever - Earn 250 points (US) or 25,000 points (Japan) in a game.

Like Taking Candy From a Baby - Complete the game four times, once with each character.

Mr. Sparkle - From stage 1, make it to the stage 3 bosses in Survival Mode with the Japanese ROM.

Release The Hounds - Complete the game in 30 minutes or less.




"Excellent" - Complete the game on Expert difficulty in individual Quarters mode.

"Winter is coming"

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