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Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos

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Finder's Keepers - Find all Items in a City Location

Quick on the Draw - Find 3 items within 5 seconds

Not Impossible - Complete one Mission

The First Hint’s Free - Complete one Mission without using any Hints

Wham, Bam - Complete a City Location in less than 30 seconds

You Always Remember Your First - Complete Mission 3 and capture Mister Smith

Back for Seconds - Complete Mission 6 and capture The Hammer

Third Time’s the Charm - Complete Mission 9 and capture The Artiste



Bonus Plan - Find all Bonus Items in one Mission

Fourth Down - Complete Mission 11 and capture Dr. Chaos

Star Performer - Earn Elite Agent Rank in any Mission



Just Said “No” - Complete every non bonus Mission without using any Hints in single mode

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