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The Entitled - Unlock any title.

The Bully - Defeat 100 enemy units.

The Newbie - Survive 35 battles.

The Badass - Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.

The Juggler - Exceed a 50 hit combo.


The Skywalker - Reach 300 AGI.

The Meat Shield - Reach 300 VIT.

The Juicer - Reach 300 STR.

The Know-It-All - Reach 300 INT.

The Gambler - Reach 300 LCK.

The Stalker - Unlock all character profiles.

The Patron - Unlock all gallery art.

The God of Death - Destroy 3000 enemy units.

The Highlander - Survive 900 battles.

The World Champ - Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage.

The Aggressor - Exceed a 400-hit combo.



The Gun Runner - Collect every type of weapon.

The Battle Ready - Collect every type of armor.

The Fashionista - Collect every type of accessory.

The Packrat - Collect every type of item.

The Grave Robber - Find 150 hidden items using Search.

The Dood - Earn the true ending.

The Hikkomori - Earn every single title.


Crossover Conquest - Earn this trophy by unlocking all other Cross Edge trophies.

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