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Bourgeois - To spend over 100000G in the shop.

Break Power - The TOTAL damage exceeds 100000.

Creator - To discover 10 images.

Gorgeous Road - To have over 100000000G.

Hero - To defeat 100 monsters.

Managraphic Love - To spend over 1000000G in the atelier.

Material Star - To compose items 100 times.

Meteorlight Star - To make Meteorlights 100 times.

Monster Star - To create monsters 100 times.

Power King - The TOTAL damage exceeds 50000.

Power Soldier - The TOTAL damage exceeds 10000.

Shooting Star - The numbers of HIT exceeds 500.

Space Cleaner - The dungeon is drifted 10 times.

Space Traveler - You drift 50 times.

Speed Star - The numbers of HIT exceeds 300.

Stardust - The numbers of HIT exceeds 700.

Super Hero - To defeat 300 monsters.

Super Victory - To win the battle 100 times.

Treasure Hunter - To discover 30 concealed treasures.

Ultra Hero - To defeat 800 monsters.

Ultra Victory - To win the battle 300 times.

Victory - To win the battle 30 times.



Battle Mania - To win the battle 500 times.

Damage Hazard - The TOTAL damage exceeds 300000.

Dreamer - To discover 30 images.

Game Mania - The evaluation point exceeds one million.

Hit Mania - The numbers of HIT exceeds 1000.

Legend - To defeat 1300 monsters.

Shopping Mania - To spend over 10000000G in the shop.

Space Clear - The dungeon is drifted 50 times.

Treasure Mania - To discover 60 concealed treasures.



Character Love - The level of all the characters exceeds 100.

Shop Owner - To spend over 1000000000G in the shop.

Space Hero - To defeat 2000 monsters.

True End - To clear the true scenario.

Ultimate Player - The dungeon is drifted 100 times.



Platinum Trophy - To acquire all the trophies.

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