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Twisted Metal

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Is die selbe.

Flüssig aber unter 60FPS.

Mfg Chris (....nicht Aufregen nur Wundern)


1.png"Zuviele Scheiß Games, Zuviel Hype!"

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Yes, there is Last Man Standing and the host can set 1-10 lives. And there is a TEAM LAST MAN STANDING and the host can set number of lives as well as choose SHARED LIVES where your team all shares the same pool of lives.


Wieder etwas Info. ^^


Am Freitag kommt übrigens ein neuer Trailer.



Noch ein Video zum Spaß. :D



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Einige weitere aktuelle Jaffe Quotes.


HINT ABOUT OUR E3 TWISTED METAL SHOWING: My youngest daughter (5) just came into my office where I am playing the E3 build. She says, "Why'd you just kill Santa?"....and NO, it's not a TM3/4 North Pole level revisit :)...


TWISTED METAL PS3 PRO TIP #1: All shock wave weapons can be jumped in order to avoid them. Most shockwave weapons must be charged up and if you can damage the enemy while he is charging or fully charged with anything more powerful than a fire missiel, you bring him out of the charge. There are sounds to cue you in that the enemy is charting up (Axel grunts, for example). So these are not cheap, instant hits. You can learn to defend against them.


TWISTED METAL PS3 PRO TIP #2: In FREE FOR ALL games, JUNKYARD DOG doesn't have his healing taxi. Instead his alt fire is a taxi with TNT that you can either throw and then detonate or drop in the level- remote bomb style- and detonate it at your leisure. In TEAM GAMES, his BOMB TAXI becomes a HEALTH TAXI BOMB so when you detonate it it sends out a healing shockwave that heals all team mates caught in the wave by 30%....you can also throw the healing taxi into a scrum battle and detonate it from afar, healing your team from a distance.


Es wird immer interessanter. Heute Abend kommt dann der neue Trailer auf ign.com, der wieder einmal phänomenal sein soll. :)


Edit: Infopost aktualisiert

Edited by basslerNNP

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