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Last Rebellion

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Machine Dismantler - Destroyed the Bullvezarks

Avenge the Sealers! - Defeated the Grudge Holder




Stopped the failed experiment - Eliminated the Eyes of Argos

Revenge at last... - Halted Alfred's ambitions

They're oversized chickens, really - Gutted the vile Griffons

Congrats: you beat a little girl - Stopped Sephi's surprise attack

Hmm... It's no Gandum.- Vanquished the Vandred

Help an older Blade- Toppled the Trolls

Dragon Slayer - Slayed the mighty Nidhogg




Fine. dood. we're outta here! - Prinny IV Defeated

We don't have any money, dood... - Prinny III Defeated

Dood. give us a break! - Prinny II Defeated

How'd we get here, dood? - Prinny I Defeated

Well, they're dead now. - Orange IV Defeated

Kind of cute, I guess... - Orange III Defeated

Is it hiding something? - Orange II Defeated

What is this thing? - Orange I Defeated

And so the curtain falls... - Defeated the Keeper of Lorvin, Arzelide.




Flawless Demon - The Ultimate Blade

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