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Test Drive Unlimited 2


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Naja heut früh beginnt ein neuer Tag, vielleicht ja mit funktionstüchtigen Clubservern......daweil gute Nacht!


Würd mich freuen, sorry dass ich im Moment bissl angepisst vom Game bin :ohjeh:


Gute Nacht Green

GTA Online Heists Interessengemeinschaft

zur Planung von Heists mit Play 3 Mitgliedern:




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Last Update: March 17, 10:00PM PST (nach deutscher Zeit 18.3. 7.00 Uhr)


Hey Everyone,


The maintenance is complete. The below patch is now live. As a reminder, Clubs will be turned on soon.




As a reminder, the patch contains the following client-side improvements. After the servers go live, we will perform the necessary server-side optimizations to ensure that everything is fully in sync:


- Logging into the game should be improved

- Once into the game the online network experience should feel more stable in all areas

- Save games should no longer corrupt

- Existing corrupted save games should be repaired in many cases

- Friends lists should populate correctly

- Invites now work correctly

- Clubs will be brought online very soon

- Some exploits to gain money have been fixed

- Casino access has been improved

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