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NASCAR Unleashed

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2 Birds, 1 Stone - Make 2 Rivals at the same time

Beat The Clock! - Earn a trophy on any time trial track

Beatdown! - Make 3 rivals in a single race

Didn’t See You There - Bump another car into a hazard

Drive By Healing - Boost through pit lane restore

Eat My Dust - Place 1st in any race against your friend

Friendly Rivalry - Wreck your friend making him/her a rival

Good Effort! - Finish a quick race season in any place but 1st

High Score - Score higher than 175,000 in a single race

Hot Shot - Place 1st in any race

I Meant To Do That - Drive over 15 oil slicks

It Still Counts! - Wreck your car across the finish line

Just a Scratch - Use pit lane to repair your vehicle 50 times

Just That Good - Finish 3 races without wrecking or using pit lane

Learning The Ropes - Complete the Rookie tier in championship mode

Light Touch - Score 125 slams

Look Mom! - Drive over 35 ramp jumps

Not On My Watch - Wreck a car in pit lane before the repair

Over Achiever - Complete 5 challenges in a single race

Piece Of Cake - Complete 10 challenges

Revenge! - Score a payback

Rocketman - Slingshot into 25 ramp jumps

Scenic Route - Drive over oil, dirt, sand, gravel, water, and grass

Show-off - Perform a donut and go on to win the race

Showboater! - Drift around 75 turns

Showing Promise - Complete the Professional tier in championship mode

Stuntman - Perform 5 barrel rolls in mid-air

Stylin’ - Customize any car with an unlocked paint job

Sun Was In My Eyes - Wreck your car 15 times

That’ll Learn Ya! - Score 10 paybacks

The Hard Way - Finish 5 races without using pit lane

The Real Deal - Place 1st in a quick race season

Thrashing! - Make 5 rivals in a single race

Tough Guy - Make 75 rivals

Turbo Speed! - Complete 50 Slingshot boosts

Unnecessary Roughness - Score 250 slams

Watch Your Step - Bump another car into an oil slick

Well Played - Score higher than your friend in a quick race season

Winner! - Place 1st on the Daytona Oval

World Traveler - Unlock all race tracks




Domination! - Score higher than 225,000 in a single race

Gotta Have ‘em All - Unlock all vehicle paint jobs

Lightning Reflexes - Drive in boost mode for 12 seconds or more in a race

So Close - Earn silver trophies on all time trial tracks

Time To Spare - Earn a gold trophy on any time trial track




In The Groove - Avoid walls and track barriers to score 2 perfect laps in one race

Perfectionist - Earn gold trophies on all time trial tracks

That All You Got? - Complete the legend tier in championship mode




Completionist - Unlock all other trophies

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