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uDraw Studio: Instant Artist

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Accomplished Artist - Painted with each Brush Type at least once

Animated Artist - Created artwork using an Animated Stamp

Anti-Alien - Completed Level 1 in the Alien Splat Game

Artist in Training - Discover an Extended Tool Tip

Beginner Artist - Complete three Drawing Lessons in Art School

Bring it on! - Obtained 6 lives in the Alien Splat Game

Color and Cruise - Completed Level 3 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game

Color Crazy - Saved a Custom Palette

Color Fill Crazed - Saved a Coloring Book Painting in the Gallery

Dots Terrific! - Saved a Connect The Dots Painting in the Gallery

Fancy Pants - Painted with the Calligraphy Pen

Great Start - Completed any Art School Lesson

I've got Your Number - Saved a Numbers Painting in the Gallery

It's Customary - Drag and Drop a Custom Color into the Palette Wheel

Just a Warm up - Completed Level 1 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game

Lockdown! - Activated the Lock Palette feature

Look, No Mess! - Painted with the Fingerpaint Brush

Lost in Paint - Completed Level 1 in the Tilt Maze Game

My Personal Effects - Applied an Effect Filter to a Painting

Personal Masterpiece - Saved a Painting in the Gallery

Sit Back and Relax - Watched a Slideshow of your Gallery Paintings

Splat Success - Painted with the Splatter Brush

Stroke of Luck - Selected a Different Stroke Mode in the Brushstroke Menu

Tilting Hero - Completed a Tilt Maze in 60 seconds




Advanced Artist - Completed three Color Wheel Lessons in Art School

Challenge Champ - Completed Level 5 in the Tilt Painting Challenge Game

Color Conundrum - Used all the colors in the Palette Wheel in Tilt Painting Freeplay Mode

Get Inspired! - Completed any Art Starter

Intermediate Artist - Completed three Painting Lessons in Art School

Maze Master - Completed all 40 Tilt Mazes with a total time of less than 40 minutes

Picture This - Exported a Painting

Place Your Mark - Created a Signature Stamp

Sizzling Splatter - Completed Level 10 in the Alien Splat Game

Splat Maniac - Completed 2 Levels in a row without losing a Life in the Alien Splat Game

Tilt Triumphant - Completed Level 10 in the Tilt Maze Game




Art Camp Crazy - Explored all Art Camp Activities

Awe-Inspiring! - Explored all Art Starters

Canvas Country - Saved a Painting on each of the 11 Different Canvas Types

Remmy's Apprentice - Completed all Art School Lessons




Artist of the Year - Unlocked all Trophies

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