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Voltron: Defender of the Universe

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Defender of the Universe - Rescue 100 groups of civilians.

Fly Swatter - Achieve ten air pounces in a single level.

Lion Ace - Earn a x10 score combo five times in a single level.

Lion Heart - Complete any level without the Lion deactivating once.

Space Explorer - Complete the game with any Lion.

The Vendetta Begins - Beat a friend's level score after they have beaten yours in the same online game session.

Zarkon's Bane - Complete any three levels without seeing a game over in a single play session.




Blazing Victory - Kill a Robeast without Voltron losing any health.

Carried the Team - Complete a level in an online game where you are the only surviving player.

Five Keys - Complete a level in an online game with four other players.

King Alfor's Blessing - Get five Survivor bonuses in a single play session.




Space Legend - Complete the game with all five Lions.

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