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Zack Zero

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As if you owned the place - Completing the Nahirg's base level.

Avalanche! - Use rock spikes to kill 50 enemies.

Frisbee player - Killing 100 enemies with the blade launcher.

Ice cream man - Use frozen air to freeze 50 enemies.

Nothing can stop me - Finish the game in any difficulty level.

Rocky - Use the power of your rock punch to kill 50 enemies.

Space adventurer - Finishing the outside of the Nahirg’s planet level.

Spider killer - Finishing the cave level.

This is getting hot - Finishing the rock and lava cave level.

Toaster - Kill 100 enemies using the flame thrower.

Treasure finder - Find 5 nahirg treasures.

Variety is the spice of life - Kill 50 enemies using each of Zack’s powers.

You can’t scare me - Killing a Nahirg general using only the blade launcher.




I feel the power - Reach Zack's suit level 20.




Archaeologist - Finding all Nahirg treasures.

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