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PS Vita: Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen

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Alchemical Aspirations - Use alchemy to create an original ninja tool.

Apprentice Ninja - Beat the game on Easy Difficulty.

Bandit Buster - Leave no bandit alive.

Chimatsuri Sappo - Perform a Chimatsuri Sappo successfully.

Covert Ninja - A true ninja always goes unseen.

Familiar Faces - You met some familiar ninja from bygone days.

Full-fledged Ninja - Beat the game on Normal difficulty.

Gears and Springs - I love wind-up toys!!

Grapple Hook King - Throw that grapple hook!!

Hard Worker - Complete all the tutorials.

Ninja Initiation - Level up for the first time.

Ninja Tool Craftsman - Become a connoisseur of alchemical ninja tools.

Person of Power - You gave it your all to wipe the enemy out.

Recovery Elixir Popper - Coming back from the brink of death is part of being a ninja.

Salmon, Salmon, and More Salmon - You really like salmon, don’t you?

Shuriken Sharpshooter - Prove the strength of the shuriken.

Sticky Fingers - Did you steal something?

The First Step - Complete the first mission succesfully.

The Silencer - Silence every witness to your deeds.

Uzumbi Artisan - It’s their fault for stepping on it.




Alchemical Genius - Create the symbol of an Alchemical Genius.

Assassin’s Pedigree - Perform all the special Chimatsuri Sappo successfully.

First Class Ninja - Beat the game on Hard difficulty.

Gaga for Greens - Collect every type of weed.

Gecko Hunter - Collect every type of gecko.

Jack-of-All-Trades - Versatility is part of being a ninja.

King of the Beasts - Encounter a bear like none other.

Moneymaker - A true ninja also knows how to save.

Mushroom Village - Collect every type of mushroom.

Ninja Hunter - Every ninja must die.

Onigami - Become a master of using Chimatsuri Sappo.

Saint - A ninja loves all without bias.




Shinobido Mastery - Acquire every trophy.


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