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Warriors Orochi 3

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Blinding Light - Used a True Triple Attack.

Blinding Speed - Cleared a stage in under 5 minutes.

Challenger - Successfully completed a mission.

Dance of the Blade - Successfully performed a combo of 1000 or more.

Experienced Controller - Used all mountable siege weapons.

Firm Bonds - Raised the bonds of one pair of officers to its maximum.

First Design - Cleared a battlefield created using Musou Battlefields.

First Forge - Upgraded a weapon using Weapon Fusion.

First Purchase - Purchased a weapon.

Grand Purchase - Purchased a weapon that cost over 10,000 gems.

Joining Hands - Cleared a stage using either online play or 2-player mode.

Musou Fighter - Achieved 1000 K.O.s.

Overwhelming Victory - Obtained over 10,000 EXP in a single battle.

Perfect Partner - Raised compatibility of a weapon to maximum.

Reaching Beyond - Purchased a weapon using crystals.

The Mead of Life - Held a party.




A Kaleidoscope of Time - Unlocked all wallpaper.

Gallery of Heroes - Unlocked all officers for play.

Master of Time - Cleared all scenarios.

Musou Collector - Obtained level 4 weapons for all officers.

Musou Dilettante - Obtained every equippable item.

Slave of Sound - Listened to all the music.

The Dandy Captain - Unlocked all costumes.

Veteran Warrior - Entered battle over 100 times with any one officer.




True Musou - Obtained all trophies.



Versteckte Trophäen




A Hidden Smile - Cleared Chapter 2 in Story Mode.

Banner of Victory - Defeated the Hydra.

Changing the Past - Cleared all 10 Redux stages.

The Flame of Hope - Cleared Chapter 1 in Story Mode.

Traversing Time - Returned to the past using Kaguya's power.

Unwavering Hope - Cleared Chapter 3 in Story Mode.




A Warrior of Wealth - Gathered over 500,000 gems.

In a Broken World - Cleared Story Mode with NORMAL ending.

Land of Peace - Cleared Story Mode with GOOD ending.

Master of Battle - Cleared any stage without taking any damage.

Mission Master - Completed more than 10 missions in one battle.

Musou Warrior - Achieved 3000 K.O.s.

Noble Warrior - Gathered over 100 crystals.

Otherworld Extravagance - Held over 100 parties.

Shopping Expert - Purchased over 100 weapons.

The Fated Place - Cleared Story Mode with TRUE ending.




Musou Millionaire - Gathered over 900,000 gems.

Peak of Performance - Cleared all stages at Chaos difficulty.

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