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Devil May Cry HD

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Arachnophobia - Survive an encounter with Phantom

Bird of Prey - Survive an encounter with Griffon

Blue Demon - Complete a Blue Orb

Broken Halo - Fight Nelo Angelo a second time and prevail

Can You Keep A Secret? - Complete a Secret Mission

Cold Turkey - Fight Griffon a second time and prevail

Fallen Angel - Defeat Nelo Angelo

Good Night - Fight Nightmare a second time and prevail

Gun Collector - Collect all Guns

Hot As Hell - Perform an S Rank Combo using Ifrit

Night Terrors - Survive an encounter with Nightmare

Plucked - Defeat Griffon

Seeing Red - Collect 10,000 Red Orbs

Squashed Like A Bug - Defeat Phantom

Table Of Contents - Unlock every enemy file in the status menu

The Devil Went Down To... - Defeat Mundus

The Nightmare is Over - Defeat Nightmare

Thunderstruck - Perform an S Rank Combo using Alastor

Warming Up! - Finish the game on Normal Mode

You're No Angel - Survive an encounter with Nelo Angelo




Blood Flows Red - Collect 25,000 Red Orbs

Boiling!! - Finish the Game on Hard Mode

Bookworm - Unlock 50% of all entries for every enemy file in the status menu

Smashing Sensation - Achieve an S Rank on any Mission

The Devil Made Me Do It - Finish the game without using any Yellow Orbs

The Secret Six - Complete six Secret Missions

Untouchable - Clear a mission without taking damage




Blue Devil - Max out the Health Bar

Combustible!!! - Finish the game on Dante Must Die Mode

I Read You Like A Book - Unlock all the entries for every enemy file in the status menu

Redemption - Collect 50,000 Red Orbs

The Devil's In The Details - Purchase all of Dante's Skills

The Secret's Out - Complete all Secret Missions




Platinum Trophy - Unlock all trophies

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