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Wrecked: Revenge Revisited

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Early Days! - Win a point in a multi-player battle

First Steps - Beat a Supersonic Ghost




I am the best! - Win a multi-player battle

Skill Chief - Earn at least Bronze in all the Skill Challenges

Speed King - Earn at least Bronze in all the Speed Challenges

Weapon Master - Earn at least Bronze in all the Weapon Challenges




Elite Champion - Earn at least Bronze in all the Elite Challenges

Flawless Victory - Win a multi-player battle by winning every point

I have no peers! - Download and beat a rivals time

No one can beat me! - Win 10 multi-player battles

Silver Arrow - Earn at least Silver on all Challenges

Supreme Being - Earn Gold on all Challenges

World Tour - Win a multi-player battle on every course




Platinum Trophy - All other trophies have been collected




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