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PixelJunk 4am

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Equipment Check - Complete the tutorial.

Everyone's Dancing - Receive kudos while performing.

Music Lover - Give someone kudos.

New Venue - Unlock your first new event.

Tribe Vibe - Bring two PS Move controllers close together in co-op play and feel the vibe.




Going Viral - Promote one of your events for the first time.




Resident - Unlock all events.



versteckte Trophäen




Dress Code - During calibration, be wearing a green shirt or have a large amount of green in your room.

Raver - Give kudos to 10 different people.

The Deep Hour - Be playing PixelJunk™ 4am at exactly 4am.

The Sun Can't Compare To Your Light - During a performance, touch the PS Eye with the PS Move controller to give it a kiss.

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