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Men in Black: Alien Crisis

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100 Enemies - Adorian Crossbow - Defeat 100 enemies with the Adorian Crossbow

200 Enemies - The BANGer - Defeat 200 enemies with the BANGer

250 Enemies – Tribarrel - Defeat 250 enemies with the Tribarrel

50 Enemies - Std. Issue 1995 - Defeat 50 enemies with the Std. Issue 1995

60 Enemies - Noisy Cricket - Defeat 60 enemies with the Noisy Cricket

Brute Force - Achieve a 25x multiplier in a Story Mode

Conqueror - Achieve at least 300,000 points in one V.R. Mission

Dodge and Weave - Dodge the mines placed by Nethera in Story Mode

Duelist - Complete all the Competitive maps in V.R. Missions

Enjoy the Ride - Start playing in Story Mode

Flying Car? Where? - Don't be detected while flying the car

Group Off - Destroy 3 enemy platforms in Story Mode

Hide’n’Seek -Scan 2 hidden aliens in Story Mode

High Score - Successfully finish the Virtual Reality training program in Story Mode

Juggernaut - Use the Refracto Shield to reflect 100 enemy projectiles

Kicking and Screaming - Escape Serleena’s drag attack

Own the Road - Defeat 70 bikers in Story Mode

Party Crasher - Crash Chauncey’s party in Story Mode

Road Hog - Defeat 40 bikers in Story Mode

Shattered Expectations - Freeze 30 enemies with the Icer

Smile for the Camera! - Neuralize 7 humans in Story Mode

Superior Fighter - Achieve at least 150,000 points in one V.R. Mission

Superstar - Achieve at least 200,000 points in one V.R. Mission

The Spice of Life - Defeat enemies using 10 different combos

This Won't Take Long - Defeat Nakkadan Elite Guard in Story Mode

Ugly on the Inside - Defeat Adorian Elite Guard in Story Mode




350 Enemies – Tribarrel - Defeat 350 enemies with the Tribarrel

Assert Fail - Defeat Khnemu in Story Mode

Demolition Expert - Defeat 20 enemies with the Rocket Launcher while flying the car

Junior Agent - Complete Story Mode as an Agent

Keep it Slow - Defeat 30 enemies while they're under the effect of Cerebro Accelerator

Pest Control - Defeat 700 enemies

What Goes Up… - Use the Anti-Gravity grenade on 30 enemies




High Standards - Defeat Nethera and save Catyana

HOT Streak - Defeat 900 enemies

Save the Universe - Complete all the missions in Story Mode

Senior Agent - Complete Story Mode as an Elite Agent

The Gatherer - Gather 50 upgrade points




MIB Veteran - Unlock all trophies in game

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