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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

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Brimming with enthusiasm - Collect 10 Hats

Head scratcher - Collect 5 Hats

Paper trail - Collect 5 Diary pages

Puzzler - Complete the game on puzzle medium difficulty

Short story - Collect 10 Diary pages

Smooth Operator - Press 10 TARDIS console buttons

Thorough - Scan 10 objects




Flying Doctor - Complete the game in 300 minutes

Hat's off to you - Collect 20 Hats

High IQ - Complete the game on puzzle hard

Long story - Collect 20 Diary pages




Diarist - Collect all the Diary Pages

Mad Hatter - Collect all the Hats




Time Lord - Collect all Trophies




Versteckte Trophäen




A Plumb Job - Re-route the gas pipe plans in Victorian London

A steal - Defeat the Silence and steal their time capsule

Clear Vision - Complete Mind Map puzzle on Medium or Hard in 60 seconds

Clever clogs - Complete Data Link puzzle in 60 seconds

Crate work - Use the gold bullion crate to smash your way out of the Bank of England

Fast on your feet - Beat the Cybermen to the Underground refugee camp

Geronimo! - Defeat the Emperor of the Daleks

Goodbye Blue Boy - Outwit the Strategist Dalek

Hack Job - Open the security door in the office block

Hello Sexy - Find the TARDIS in the Dalek time lock

Hello Sweetie - Wake up River in the tomb

No time to hang around - Collect the Stasis Field Generator in the Silence Base

On the right tracks - Defeat the Cybermen in the Underground refugee camp

One in the eye for the good guy - Shoot the Emperor Dalek in the eyestalk

Sent packing - Send the Dalek Supreme to Antarctica

Silently Silencing the Silence - Outwit the Silence without being checkpointed

Smart Cookie - Complete Re-router puzzle in 60 seconds

Soundly Beaten - Sonic disarm 5 Silurians

Stunning work - Stun 5 Cybermen

Tested to Destruction - Re-route the thermionic consoles in the Cyberfactory

The Eyes have it - Quick-shoot 5 Daleks

The Open Road - Lower the drawbridge on Old London Bridge

Toxic Relationship - Defeat Vekkis

Winch Way Next - Activate the crane winch in Old St. Pauls

Ye Doctor - Discover the statue in the Elizabethan quadrangle




Beg for Mercy - Power-shoot 5 Daleks

Deleted - Finish the Cyberfactory in 20 minutes

Elementary - Finish return to Victorian London in 15 minutes

Exterminated - Finish time-locked London in 20 minutes

Pucker Up - Kiss 6 Stormcage Guards

Quick Getaway - Escape Stormcage in 8 minutes

The Stormcage Redemption - The Stormcage Redemption

Timey Wimey - Complete a Time Corridor in 2 minutes

Universal Destruction Avoided - Complete the game

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