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PSVita: Orgarhythm

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Battlefield Musician - Achieved S-Rank 10 times.

Carnivorous - Invoked [Attack] support skill 100 times.

Cinema Enthusiast - Played all movies.

Comrade-in-Arms - Cleared a map in co-op mode.

Conservative - Invoked [Guard] support skill 100 times.

Dark Hunter - Defeated 10,000 Dark Tribe warriors.

Diligence - Cleared all tutorials.

Discord - Acquired Game Over in co-op mode.

Finding Friendly Faces - Played in co-op mode.

First Tutorial - Cleared tutorial for the first time.

God Bless - Used a support skill.

God of Healing - Invoked [Heal] support skill 100 times.

Groove - 50 clears achieved.

Loser - Lost in versus mode.

Marathon Runner - God of Light movement distance passed 42.195km.

MAX Voltage - Raised voltage rank to max level. Raised voltage rank to max level.

Rival - Played in versus mode.

S-Hunter - Achieved S-Rank 5 times.

Sound Director - Altered the sound volume in-game.

Standing Alone - Cleared a map without using any support.

Stopper - Invoked [slow] support skill 100 times.

Striker - Deployed 1,000 troops.

Suite 10 - 10 clears achieved.

Trails in the Heavens - Drew a line through [Dragging].

Voltage Up - Increased voltage rank.

Welcome to [orgarhythm] - Began playing [orgarhythm].

Winner - Won in versus mode.

Zero Deaths - Cleared a map without losing a single warrior.

[Normal] difficulty level cleared! - Cleared all in [Normal] difficulty.




Carnival Soldier - Achieved S-Rank 20 times.

Conductor of Many Orders - [Dragging] length exceeded 100 miles.

Eccentric - 100 clears achieved.

Universal - Acquired all skills (excepting for DLC).

[Hard] difficulty level cleared! - Cleared all in [Hard] difficulty




No Sense of Rhythm - Achieved 100 bad taps in a row.

Orgarhythmer - Achieved S-Rank in all stages and on all difficulty levels




[orgarhythm] All Clear - Obtained all other [orgarhythm] trophies.




Versteckte Trophäen




Face of the Devil - Deployed 1,000 [sacrifice] troops.

Hail of Stones - Deployed 1,000 [Catapult] troops.

Master of Archery - Deployed 1,000 [Archer] troops.

Spirited Away - Failed to inflict any damage to enemy with [sacrifice] skill.

[bloody Battle] cleared! - Cleared [bloody Battle].

[Cannon of Revenge] cleared! - Cleared [Cannon of Revenge].

[Dark Ballroom] cleared! - Cleared [Dark Ballroom].

[Dark Beats] cleared! - Cleared [Dark Beats].

[Flying Cannon] cleared! - Cleared [Flying Cannon].

[Holy Oratorio] cleared! - Cleared [Holy Oratorio].

[inspiration and Expiration] cleared! - Cleared [inspiration and Expiration].

[Nameless Goddess] cleared! - Cleared [Nameless Goddess].

[second Beat] cleared! - Cleared [second Beat].

[soaring Demons] cleared! - Cleared [soaring Demons].

[squall] cleared! - Cleared [squall].

[surface of the Wasteland] cleared! - Cleared [surface of the Wasteland]

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