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Battlefield 4 Mario Edition Episode 2

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Hi together


Here is my new Mario feat. BF4 Montage Episode 2




(Modeling with Blender a free open source 3D Program in my first 20 days of learning. Before I only used it for 3D intro animations)



Here are a few other links to Battlefield videos from me:



Battlefield 4 - explosive C4 and Knife Montage ---->


Battlefield 4 - I like C4 and RPG's ----->


Mario feat BF4 Episode 1 ------>



Battlefield 3 - Bye Bye Battlefield 3 (Battlefield3 finish Montage) ------>


A Battlefield 3 nyan cat Dubstep Montage :-) ------>


Battlefield 3 - A small Country Montage by TRC STYLEZ ---->



Link zu meinem Channel:




Greetings from Switzerland

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