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changelog Wheelman patch


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    • Kackpo ist raus.  
    • Wo steht das? Bitte einen Link. In meinem Tweet, den ich zitiert habe, steht das definitiv nicht so.
    • Ich kann ja noch einmal im Original die Argumentation von Microsoft aus dem finalen Dokument der EU posten. Und Microsoft spricht da von „Zenimax games“. Also ALLE. Zukünftige und bestehende. Incentive to engage in input foreclosure (A) The Notifying Parties’ view (107) The Notifying Party submits that Microsoft has strong incentives to continue making ZeniMax games available for rival consoles (and their related storefronts). (108) The Notifying Party explains that the profitability of a strategy to make ZeniMax games exclusive to the Xbox console would depend on a trade-off between: (i) the value of attracting new players to the Xbox ecosystem; and (ii) the lost income from the sale of ZeniMax games for rival consoles (through the related storefronts). In this regard, the Notifying Party forecasts that a significant share of ZeniMax games sales will occur on rival consoles over the life cycle of the newly released console generation.Based on such a trade-off, the Notifying Party submits that a hypothetical console exclusivity strategy would be profitable only if it led to an increase in the number of Xbox users [forecast million] over the next five years, corresponding to an increase in Xbox shipments [forecast percentage] above the forecast level. (109) In the Notifying Party’s view, it is implausible that Microsoft would achieve such results. Firstly, the Notifying Party considers that such a strategy is likely to be successful if service differentiation is weak and the content at issue is extremely valuable. However, rival consoles are significantly differentiated, and have accumulated brand loyalty. (110) Secondly, a high switching rate by players is implausible due to the considerable switching costs between consoles, and the relative value of ZeniMax games compared to the gaming landscape. (111) Thirdly, the Notifying Party considers that the players’ switching rates indicated above are conservative, as they would have to increase further if more realistic switching patterns were taken into account. In particular, the Notifying Party submits that multi-homing across consoles may further reduce the incentives for a foreclosure strategy. Players loyal to Nintendo or Sony consoles with a strong desire to play ZeniMax games can respond to a console exclusivity strategy by buying an Xbox to play ZeniMax games, while keeping most of their gaming activity and expenditure on their preferred console. (112) In this regard, the Notifying Party submits that cross-platform console ownership reduces the value of an incremental switcher, because players who buy an Xbox as a second console would not bring their entire game purchasing activity to the Xbox. [details about the profit, value and ownership of the Xbox and the profit made from the sale of ZeniMax games]. (113) [Microsoft’s strategy regarding ZeniMax games]. (114) Therefore, according to the Notifying Party, Microsoft would not have the incentive to cease or limit making ZeniMax games available for purchase on rival consoles.
    • Was hast du mit Sony? KP gehört nicht zu Sony. Dann hätte Kojima das Spiel halt mit ner anderen Engine auf der Xbox rausgebracht.  Und 5 Millionen sind für Sony nicht viel. Wie oft hat sich denn bitte Horizon und GoW 2018 verkauft?  Mal gucken ob Returnal auch einen Nachfolger bekommt. Oder ob Sony sagt ne hat sich nicht 10 Millionen mal verkauft. 
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