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Worms Crazy Golf

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Bat's Your Lot - Damage 3 bats with one shot.

Dead Good - Complete the Graveyard course.

Feel The Power - Overdrive a shot.

First Round - Complete a hole.

Getting The Hang Of It. - Complete a hole within the course par score or better.

In a Spin - Use spin control whilst the ball is in flight.

Let's See The Goods - Collect 5 Crates.

No Task Too Great - Achieve all the objectives on one hole.

Pure Skill - Complete a challenge.

Retail Therapy - Purchase an item from the customisation menu.

Rule Britannia - Complete the Britannia course.

Social Golfer - Complete a hot-seat multiplayer game.

The Jolly Roger - Complete the Pirate Cavern course.

You Shoot You Score - Achieve a skill score objective on one of the holes.


Versteckte Trophäen




Fluke or Skill? - Get a hole in one.

Show Me The Money - Collect 20 coins on one hole.

That's A Wing Span - Get an Albatross.

True Champion - Complete every objective on all Britannia, Pirate Cavern and Graveyard holes.

Tweet Tweet - Get A Birdie.

Where's The Prey? - Get an Eagle.

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