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Carnival Island

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Any Way - Play one Party Time multiplayer game.

Bird Watcher - Wake up all Bird Pets.

Extinction Distinction - Wake up all Extinct and Mythological Pets.

Funky Trunks - Wake up the Baby Mammoth and the Elephant.

Magic Mirror - Magic Mirror completely unlocked!

Midway Tour - Play each of the seven basic Carnival games.

My Way - Play one Pick and Play multiplayer game.

Restoration - First Carnival building fully restored!

Seaside Set - Wake up the Goldfish, the Jellyfish and the Lake Monster.

Up And Comer - First challenge complete!




Animal Friend - All pets woken up!

Boardwalk Reopened! - All buildings reopened in Boardwalk!

Chotchkies! - All souvenirs won!

Every Way - Play one of every multiplayer game.

Ferris Park Reopened! - All buildings reopened in Ferris Park!

Gossip Hound - Listen to all the gossip Granny and the Carnies know.

Pass It - Play 10 pass-the-motion controller multiplayer games.

Shell Beach Reopened! - All buildings reopened in Shell Beach!

Side-By-Side - Play 10 Side-by-Side multiplayer games.

Tree House Way Reopened! - All buildings reopened in Tree House Way!




Carnival Master - All Trophies Won!




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