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Trine 2

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This Wasn't the Plan - Make a bubble sink for three seconds




A Floral Feast - Feed carnivorous plants with three or more different kinds of treats

A Hail of Arrows - Shoot 3 arrows in the air and catch them all with the Knight's shield

Bouncy Bouncy - Stand on a conjured box bouncing on any bouncy surface for 10 seconds

Cirque de Zoya - Using grapple, swing around an object and reattach grapple again without touching any surface

Dirty Tactics - Get at least 10 enemies killed by other enemies' actions in a single level

Flying Solo - Complete a whole level playing one character only

Hammer Havoc - Kill an enemy with a thrown hammer bouncing at least once before kill

High Rise - Construct a tower made of eight objects and stand on top of it

I Didn't Do It - Make goblins die of three different environmental hazards in a single level

Icebreaker - Shatter three frozen enemies within one second

Surfboard Master - Stand on a plank floating on a single airflow for four seconds




Trine 2 hard - Earn all Trophies in Trine 2

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