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Gone Native - Play all Rainforest minigames.

Snowplow - Play all Moose Lake minigames.

Urban Myth - Play all Rio Streets minigames.

Rare Specimen - Play all Aviary minigames.

Jailbird - Play all Smuggler's Warehouse minigames.

High Flyer - Play all Corcovado minigames.

Beach Bum - Play all Copacabana Beach minigames.

Market Trader - Play all Fruit Market minigames.

Grease Monkey - Play all Luiz Garage minigames.

Carnaval Spirit - Play all Carnaval minigames.

Forest Fanatic - Come 1st in all Rainforest minigames.

Moose Lake Master - Come 1st in all Moose Lake minigames.

Street Star - Come 1st in all Rio Streets minigames.

Aviary Ace - Come 1st in all Aviary minigames.

Warehouse Winner - Come 1st in all Smuggler's Warehouse minigames.

Corcovado Captain - Come 1st in all Corcovado minigames.

Copacabana Champion - Come 1st in all Copacabana Beach minigames.

Market Mentor - Come 1st in all Fruit Market minigames.

Garage Guru - Come 1st in all Luiz Garage minigames.

Carnaval King - Come 1st in all Carnaval minigames.

VS Veteran - Come 1st in a VS mode game.

Team Player - Come 1st in a Team Party game.

Quiz Team Champions - Come 1st in a Team Party Quiz game.

Quiz Champion - Come 1st in a VS Quiz game.

Follow The Leader - Win a Carnaval Dance Standard mode game.

Crazy Challenger - Win a Carnaval Dance Crazy mode game.

Garland Gala Novice - Reach Luiz's target score in Garland Gala.

Garland Gala Pro - Reach Mauro's target score in Garland Gala.

Super Powers - Collect all special pickups in the game.

A Good Start - Come 1st in a total of 10 minigames.

Born Winner - Come 1st in a total of 100 minigames.

Collectathon - Collect 1000 items.

Chilli Crasher - Stun 100 players whilst under the effect of chilli.

Mega Multiplier - Raise the standard game multiplier to x3.

Lost In The Rhythm - Run 50m whilst in a latin trance.

Super Shocker - Hit 100 players with shock and awe.

Fancy Dress - Play as all playable characters.

Multiplayer Master - Win a game in any mode against 3 human players.




Bullyguard - Stun 50 players with the bodyguard power-up.

Happily Ever After - Complete Story Mode.

Wheel Winner - Win a Carnaval Wheel game.

Garland Gala Guru - Reach Nigel's target score in Garland Gala.

Movie Mogul - Answer all movie questions in the game correctly.

Brazilian Brains - Answer all Brazil trivia questions in the game correctly.

Quiz Master - Win a Quiz Mode game without getting a quiz question wrong.

Untouchable - Come 1st in a total of 200 minigames.

Marathon Session - Run 26 miles.

Star Spinner - Score over 700 points in a Carnaval Wheel game.




Party Perfection - Complete all games to gold standard in Party Mode.

Story Superstar - Complete Story Mode, coming 1st in each minigame.




All Trophies - Acquire all trophies.

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