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n00B SAuCe - Complete your first level in Arcade mode.

Super Combo - Achieve a combo over 6.

Ascended Unity - Complete Co-Op Arcade mode.

True Master - Get every feat in a single level.

The Whopper - Score over 1,000,000 points from a single line.

Mosaic - Complete a level by cutting away 250 lines or more.

Top Gun - Kill 101 or more enemies in a single level.

Betrayal! - Kill 2 or more friends in Co-Op.

88 Miles-An-Hour - Complete a level in less than 8.88 seconds.

Mr. Popular - Complete a 7-player Deathmatch game.

Light Speed - Beat level 36 in under 40 seconds. (Single player Arcade mode only.)

Fully Bronzed - Complete all Challenge levels to at least Bronze standard.

Risky Business - Pick up 500 negative (red) Powers.

Mammoth Score - Score 5,000,000 points or more on a single level.

Do Robots have feelings? - Complete Arcade Mode.




G.O.A.T - Complete all Challenge levels to Platinum standard.

Mad Skillz - Complete Arcade mode in a single run.




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