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Die Abenteuer von Tim und Struppi - Das Geheimnis der Einhorn

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Giant Rackham: Take 3 - Beat Giant Rackham again!

Giant Rackham: Take 4 - Destroy Giant Rackham and the galleon!

Acrobat reporter - Move along the length of the Karaboudjan using the grappling hook!

Acrobatic duo - Give your partner 5 leg-ups in 'Tintin and Haddock' mode!

Armor expert! - Sir Francis: use the armor to knock out 20 enemies!

Art collector - Knock out 10 enemies with a painting of Sir Francis!

Aviation ace - Finish every level of the three types of PLANE challenges!

Bagghar - Finish chapter 22!

Banana king - Make 15 enemies slip on a banana skin!

Brittany - Finish chapter 28!

Cane and able - Thom(p)sons: get rid of 22 enemies with your stick!

Cane juggler - Bounce 10 objects off Thom(p)son's cane!

Castafiore unlocked - Unlock the Castafiore!

Complete artist - Finish a Tintin & Haddock mode level without losing any coins! (Apart from the side-car levels).

Easy Rider - Finish all the SIDECAR challenges!

Ever-dry - In the PLANE challenges, stay near the water for 7 seconds!

Experienced pilot - Get through the storm safely and reach the desert!

Five go bang - Get rid of 2 enemies at the same time with an exploding object!

Football champ - Knock out 2 enemies in a single throw of a ball using a rebound!

Giant Rackham: Take 1 - Beat Giant Rackham a first time!

Giant Rackham: Take 2 - Destroy the galleon!

International reporter - Get to Bagghar!

Karaboudjan - Finish chapter 16!

Lights out - Knock out 5 enemies with a chandelier!

Look out below! - Pull five enemies off a ledge you’re hanging onto!

Marlinspike - Finish chapter 10!

Master rat exterminator - Exterminate 20 rats!

Metalhead - Throw a pot at an enemy's head!

Motorcycle ace - Finish a SIDECAR challenge without crashing into a wall or obstacle!

Passenger in transit - Change characters in flight with the parrot!

Pilot gold medal - Get gold in all three types of PLANE challenges!

Sidecar gold medal - Get gold in all the SIDECAR challenges!

Sir Francis unlocked - Unlock Sir Francis!

Stronger than Diego - Beat Diego the Dreadful!

Stronger than William - Beat William the Pirate!

Swashbuckler - Finish all the SWORD challenges!

Sword gold medal - Get gold in all the SWORD challenges!

The Castafiore does her turn - Castafiore: do 45 spinning attacks!

The flea market - Finish chapter 4!

Thom(p)sons unlocked - Unlock the Thom(p)sons!

Untouchable - Finish a SWORD challenge without getting a scratch!

Wardrobe full - Buy 30 costumes!




Champion catcher - Catch an object in full flight with the grappling hook!

Stronger than Red Rackham - Beat Red Rackham in a sword fight!

Super-sleuth - With Snowy, find all the buried objects in 'Tintin and Haddock' mode!

Supersonic parrot - Finish 'The mystery of the talking bird' in less than 3 minutes 30 seconds!

Treasure hunter - Find Red Rackham's treasure!




Crab collector - Collect all the crabs with golden claws!

Master treasure hunter - Find all the TREASURES in 'Tintin and Haddock' mode!

Showered with platinum - Finish all the platinum challenges!




Marlinspike's heir - Unlock all the game's trophies!

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