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Just Dance Kids 2

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Are You Forming a Dance Crew? - Danced through songs in Team High Score 50 times in multiplayer!

First Playlist Completed! - Danced through 1 preset Playlist in Playlist mode!

Let's Dance Together! - Danced through Team High Score with 2 players!

Mixing Things Up - Danced through 1 Medley!

Strike a Pose - Danced through Freeze & Shake!

The First Dance - Danced through Regular mode!

The Modern Mixtape - Created 'Your Playlist' in Playlist mode!

You're a Poser - Danced through songs in Freeze & Shake 50 times!




Impressive Score! - Earned 12,000 or more points in any song in Regular mode!

Medley Master - Danced through 50 Medleys (outside Non-Stop Shuffle)!

Movin' on up! - Danced through songs in Regular mode 50 times!




Just Dance Virtuoso - Earned at least 12,000 points in all songs in Regular mode!

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