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Toki Tori

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Bubble Barrage - Complete all Bubble Barrage normal levels

Creepy Castle - Complete all Creepy Castle normal levels

Creepy Castle Hard - Complete all Creepy Castle hard levels

Forest Falls - Complete all Forest Falls normal levels

Forest Falls Hard - Complete all Forest Falls hard levels

Jeff - Use 32 bridges to finish a level

Slimy Sewer - Complete all Slimy Sewer normal levels

Stackmate - Trap Toki Tori between two Switchbricks

The Answer - Use 42 InstantRocks™ to finish a level

Tunnel of Love - Find the Tunnel of Love




Slimy Sewer Hard - Complete all Slimy Sewer hard levels

True Champion - Complete all normal levels without using the Wildcard




Bubble Barrage Hard - Complete all Bubble Barrage hard levels


Versteckte Trophäe




Dizzy - Make Toki Tori dizzy

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