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Tales of Monkey Island

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Chapter 1: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal




Leave Well Enough Alone - Experienced a brief, yet horrifying transformation

Why is My Older Brother Laughing? - Encountered a shipload of references to the previous Monkey Island games

The Sounds of Science - Heard DeSinge treating four different patients

Bats Right, Throws Lame - Repeatedly Threw Things... Kinda

Is That a Pox On Your Face, Or Are You Just Angry To See Me? - Experience the effects of the Pox on the charming inhabitants of Flotsam


The Legend of LeFlay - Quizzed everyone about Morgan LeFlay

This Ain't a Library - Intensely browsed a prominent bookshelf

LeChuck Slayer - Defeated LeChuck

Use the Source - Met Deep Gut

The Winds of Freedom Blow - Escaped from Flotsam Island



Many Unhappy Returns - Found Elaine



Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay



Meals Fit for a King... Queen... Whatever - Gave the MerLeader every kind of bait

She's Cute When She's Angry - Get Morgan angry by repeatedly checking out the mast

Fishing for Literalists - Caught a Red Herring

Talk to the Hook - Threatened a number of adversaries with a Hook

Nice Try - Heard the Secret of Donkey Island



Give Her a Hand - Kicked LeFlay off the Screaming Narwhal

Artifacts of Life - Get all of the Summoning Artifacts

Mighty Merperson Rescuer - Save the MerLeader from McGillicutty

Model of E-FISH-Ency - Read every fish joke

Ride 'Em, Pirate - Made LeChuck do something embarassing on the cliff



The BIG Finish - Sailed to the alleged resting place of La Esponja Grande



Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan




The 0.01 Percent Solution - Got one one ten thousandth of the way through the alternate solution to the Cochlea puzzle

Frequent Tuber - Used all the Bile Tubes in all directions

I'm So Faced - Tried every possible Face-Off feature

Bongo Baby, Yeah - Played the bongos repeatedly

Meet Murray - Introduced Murray to everyone



The Newlyfed Game - Convinced DeCava that Guybrush is married to Morgan

There is a Brotherhood of Jerks - Accepted into the Brotherhood

La Esponja... Grande? - Acquired La Esponja Grande

Lord of the Locket - Tried every Locket Combination

What a Card - Tried every Tarot Card combination



Feed the Beast - Defeated DeCava and the Brotherhood



Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood




What`s in a Name? - Found out the horrifying truth about Bosun Krebbs

What Do You Do with a Drunken Guybrush? - Drank everything available in Club 41

Musical Memories - Enticed Guybrush to indulge his musical impulses

Push ze Buttons of SCIENCE! - Tried all four of the buttons in De Singe`s LAb

Idiot for a Client - Explored the possibilities of Guybrush calling himself to the stand



Ayyyye, the Jury - Got Civil charges against Guybrush dropped.

Use the Source - Got criminal charges dropped.. with a litlle help

Feast for the Senses - Almost completed the Feast of the Sense

Shlock Shopper Supreme - Fully Perused Stan`s Wares

Guybrush Goes Classy - Experienced Guybrush`s Bush with the Bard



Adieu, Adieu... - Defeated De Singe



Chapter 5: Rise of the Pirate God




The Violet Beauregard Memorial Trophy - Tried every piece of gum

Say What? - Discovered Morgan`s Dying Words

Grog, Grog, Grog! - Used a dollar bill to try to buy every drink in the Grog Machine

Dance, Monkey, Dance! - Did the dance of the hybrid fruit

Grave Ribber - Read every gravstone



All Roads Lead to LeChuck - Opened the Crossroads

I Ain`t Got No Body - Bound Guybrush`s spirit to his body

Does This Corpse Make Me Look Fat? - Completed the Diet of the Senses

A Credit to Pirates Everwhere - Witnessed Morgan`s Final Fate

Morgan`s Secret - Found out what Morgan treasures above all else




Fall of the Pirates God - Defeated LeChuck

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Moin moin ich hab mal ne Frage ist das Spiel Deutsch weil die demo auch Deutsch war danke für antworten




© Horst


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