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Press your Luck


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Beginner's luck! - Win an online game

Rockstar out! - Win the 4th show

Onto a winner! - Win the 8th show

Too much luck! - Win the 12th show

House party! - Host 10 public games




Couch potato! - Win the 16th show

Luck of the devil! - Win 20 online games

Boardcracker! - Win the 20th show

No Whammies! - Win a show with no Whammy

Buzzer beater! - Win an online game by buzzing first and answering the correct answer to ever question

Big Bucks!! - Win over $60,000 in one show



Versteckte Trophies




Press your clothes! - Create a complete custom character

Cheap trick! - In an online game, pass you spins to an opponent who gets a Whammy on your passed spins

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