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Man vs. Wild


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Bob's Boats - Find all of Bob McClure's boats in the Everglades

Reminders of the Rush - Locate all of the Gold Rush trash in the Rockies.

Pack Rat Grylls - Tag all of the junk in the Everglades.

Patton was Here - Find all of the WWII artifcats in the Sahara.

Casted Away - Find all of the man-made items in Deserted Island.

Nice Place You Had Here - Locate all of the trash in Patagonia.




All God's Creatures - Locate all animals of interest in the Everglades

Animal Kingdom - Locate all animals of interest in the Rockies

Flight 815 - Find all of the plane debris in Deserted Island

Hard to Pronounce, Hard to Find - Find all five Andiperia Willinki bugs in Patagonia

Horticulturist Grylls - Locate the rare plants in the Rockies

Osteologist Grylls - Find all of the camel bones in the Sahara

These Belong in a Museum - Find all of the ancient artifacts in the Sahara

Wild, Man! - Complete the 'Base Camp' campaign




A Winter's Tale - Complete the 'Patagonia' campaign

As I Scan This Wasted Land - Complete the 'Sahara' campaign

Bear Grylls - Reach the Level 'Bear Grylls.'

Born Survivor - Complete all episodes without passing out

Down in the Low Low Land - Complete the 'Everglades' campaign

Only Hope Can Keep Me Together - Complete the 'Deserted Island' campaign

Rocky Mountain High - Complete the 'Rocky Mountains' campaign




Get All Trophies - Get all the Trophies

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