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Tour de France: The Official Game

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Training Complete - Complete the Tutorial

Not without my Headset - Use all audio Communication Options

In Control - Use each of your riders to lead the Peleton

Surprising Attacker - Be the first to attack on a stage

Just for Fun - Win Any Stage

TV Time for my Sponsor - Maintain a Solo Breakaway for more than 20 KM

IF you don´t try you can´t win - Unleash at least 10 attacks during the last climb of a mountain stage

I Live n the Mountains - Be First on every Mountain Sprint during a stage Ranked Mountain

Avoid Risks - Win the Tour De France without Falling from the bike

Mastermind - Set up an alliance with the Peleton and in a breakaway in the same stage an win the stage

Fast as the Wind - Escape from the Peleton, going downhill , and gain a 30 seconds lead

Don´t let me down - Help a team leader, who has falled behind, return to Peleton (Playing as leader or team-mate)

Man of his word - Let a rider who helped you in an alliance win the stage

Strong finisher - Win a flat stage with a non-sprinter arriving in the Peleton

Back-to-Back - Win 2 Consecutive stages with the same rider

Fast Guy - Win a Flat Stage with a sprinter

No Prefrences - Complete a Tour de France with every team in the game

Climb like an angel - Win all the mountain stages of a Tour de France (Tour mode)

King of the Mountains - Win the polka-dot Jersey

King of the Sprints - Win the Green Jersey

British Punctuality - Win the invidiual Time-Trial and then beat your time the next time you play

Never too young for Yellow - Win the Tour De France with a rider aged 25 or under

Usual Suspects - Finish in the Top 10 in at least 5 consective Tour De France

First and Last - Win the First and Last stages of the Tour de France in Tour mode

Underdog - Win the Tour de France with a rider who is not the best ranked rider in his team

French Skills - Win a Stage with a Team of Expert Difficulty

Allrounder - Win a Stage of each type (Flat, Hills, Mountain, Time-Trial) with the same rider.

Three in a row - Win 3 consective stages with the same rider (Tour Mode)




The Small Teams Count too - Finish in the top 10 in the General Ranking with a Team of Expert Difficulty

Never Say Never - Win the Tour De France after Clawing Back a 10 minute deficit with the Leader

All for my Team-Mates - Win a stage with a rider you don´t control by making him attack

From start to Finish - Wear the Yellow Jersey on all stages of the Tour De France

Always on Time - Win all the Intermediary Sprints of the Tour de France (Tour mode)

Amongst the Gods - Win at least 2 Tour De France




Experience Player - Win the Tour de France with a Beginner, Intermediate, Hard and Expert team

Tour Legend - Win at least 5 Tour De France

Son of the Cannibal - Win the Yellow, Polka-dot, and Green Jersey on the same Edition with the same rider

Absolute Domination - Have your team win all the stages of the Tour De France and all 3 Leader Jerseys




MR Tour de France - Obtain All Trophies

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