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Astronaut - Created a customised Rocket

Brave New - Completed the Hatching process for the first time

Building Blocks - Customised an object in Soft Play Creation

Captain - Created a customised Boat

Check Up - Performed a Health Check on your EyePet for the first time

Crafty - Created a card in Paper Craft

Customiser - Created a sticker in Paper Craft and used it in the Creativity Centre

Engineer - Created a customised Digger

Full to the Brim - Fed your EyePet for the first time

Looking Good - Styled your EyePet for the first time

Mariner - Created a customised Submarine

Pilot - Created a customised Helicopter

Spit and Polish - Washed your EyePet for the first time

Trainer - Taught your EyePet a Trick

Traveller - Created a customised UFO

Twins - Hatched two EyePets at the same time




Bopper - Completed Frog Bop and bopped each frog type at least once

Conductor - Completed Musicopters without getting a sequence wrong

Craft Box Complete - Bought all the Sticker and Stencil packs

Dedicated Follower of Fashion - Customised one of each type of clothing and then dressed your EyePet in them

Fishing King - Completed Hook a Duck and hooked at least three of each type of rubber duck

Full Tank - Completed Rocket Refuel filling up at least three different fuel slots

Good Aim - Completed Ricochet Range with at least 500 points

Green Fingers - Completed Lily Blossom and opened at least three of each type of lily

Pet the Builder - Used every Soft Play shape in a single scene

Pet Whisperer - Taught the EyePet every trick in training

Ring Runner - Completed Sub Run without missing a bubble ring

Saviour - Completed Rescue and saved at least five of each type of alien

Sea Skills - Completed Coin Collector without being stunned by the Eel

Sky Writer - Completed Star Tracer and achieved at least a 1000 points.

Space Dash - Completed Space Race without a hitting an asteroid

Swish - Completed Digger Hoops and scored at least three baskets of each colour




Collectormanic - Bought every item in the game

Contender - Beat a friend in every challenge

Shopaholic - Had your EyePet wear every item of clothing in the game at least once




Platinum Pet - Unlock all other trophies in the game

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