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A few things of note to tell you today now the main news is out:


  • Tomorrow Home will be offline for some time. Judging by the level of anticipation you'll know of its return within nano seconds
  • Once its back online we will be running version 1.03 and all those with the current version will be offered a patch. The patch simply supports the server changes being made to support Open Beta
  • From Open beta onwards the age limit for Home within SCEE will change from 18+ to 16+
  • Once the Open Beta is up and running the Home icon will be on your XMB under PlayStation®Network. If you cant see it please restart your PS3 which will update your XMB. However, wait until Home is up and running first
  • Home will be available to everyone who has a PlayStation®Store
  • The Red Bull Air Race will not be included tomorrow, but will arrive within days. It will be worth the wait.
  • Please remember, this really is a Beta.

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