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Blades of Time

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Angry - Kill 100 enemies during your Time Rewind Berserk buff.

Brutal Kill - Kill 5 enemies at the same time.

Curious - Find half the notes.

Double Attack - Kill 25 heavy enemies using the Time Rewind double attack.

Experienced - Play 5 Outbreak matches.

Famous Hunter - Kill 1000 enemies in total.

Faster Than You! - Use Counterattack 100 times.

Grasshopper - Use Dash 30 times without touching the ground.

I'm Rich - Find all the chests in story mode on the Normal difficulty level.

Out of My Way - Kill an enemy player in an Outbreak match.

Rain of Bullets - Shoot off Magic Armor from 50 enemies using Time Rewind clones.

Ready To Fight - Find all types of equipment.

Too Hot For You - Kill Brutal Maul without being frozen by his shockwave.

Unstoppable - Win any Outbreak match.



Annihilation Kill - Kill 10 enemies at the same time.

Collector - Find all the notes.

Outbreak Hero - Kill each Outbreak boss at least once.

Treasure Hunter - Find all the chests in story mode on the Hard difficulty level.




Platinum - Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies.




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