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Eating is cheating - Don't trigger any nausea during the Slightly acid level.

Green peace - Push the second bulb inside the sundews without letting the particles fall inside.

Make yourself scarce - Take the shortcut in the level Wastewater.

Roundabout - Finish the Nova level by only turning in one direction.

Say "truck" - Make sure your fire engine remains undamaged.

Souvenir - Keep your glass ball intact in the Tahiti level.

The price to pay - Finish a level after at least 10 nitroglycerine explosions.

Waiter - Don't drop any liquid from the tank in the 2011 vintage level.




Every drop matters - Finish a level with exactly the right amount of liquid.

Quack Quack - It's time for the crash test.

Total reaction - Finish all levels.




Gold rush - Earn 48 gold medals.

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