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PS Vita: Ridge Racer

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Been Around the Block - You raced at least once in every race mode.

Capable - Your Skill Grade has increased to Level 2. Your rivals will be equally tougher. Make it a worthwile victory.

Dynamic and Dangerous - You placed first in a race with the most Dynamic drift settings.

Ectoplasmed - You submitted your race to Ghost Battle. Now they’re out to get you!

Electronic Warfare - You obtained Hacker Kit and Data Jammer for hi-tech electronic tactics.

Friend or Foe? - You raced with a Friend in an Online Battle.

Generous at Heart - You uploaded 100 Victory Points to your team through Team Vision.

Ghost Contender - You beat a Ghost that is higher than 10 G.

Ghost Hunter - You beat over 50 races in Ghost Battle.

Journeyman - You raced on all 3 courses– Southbay Docks, Highland Cliffs, and Harborline 765 (including R courses). So which did you like best?

Machine Junkie - You raced at least once with each of the 5 machines (BISARGENTO, RAUNA, FIERA, EO, SYNCi). So which driving style and design did you like best?

Mad Mechanic - You reached the first branch-off point in the Machine Upgrade Map. Every great invention has its roots in risk.

Mild and Menacing - You placed first in a race with the most Mild drift settings.

Nitrous-Free - You placed first without using any Nitrous.

Practice Makes Perfect - You raced in over 50 Spot Races. That same commitment will pay off in the World Races, too.

Prodigy - Your team sponsor acknowledges your steady efforts, and has upgraded your machine’s specs to the next level. Keep up the good work.

Rocketeer - You successfully pulled off a rocket start.

Single Lap Spirit - You raced more than 200 laps in Lap Time Attack.

Skillful - Your Skill level has increased to level 5. You’re making your way to being a top ridge racer!

Socialite - You raced in over 50 Face-to-Face Battles.

Solid Foundation - You’ve maxed-out your machine’s basic specs. All that’s left is letting your choice of upgrade kits and driving technique determine the winner.

Speed Demon - You reached the maximum speed with a maxed-up machine, and added a maximum nitrous.

Steal the Spotlight - You raced against a VIP racer in an Online Battle.

Stop and Smell the Roses - You stopped by that special spot on the Harborline 765 course.

Technician - You mastered the paddle shift in a race.

Tinkerer - You took the first momentous step toward developing an upgrade kit on the Machine Upgrade Map.

Triple Lap Trickster - You raced in Total Time Attack over 50 times.

Triple Threat - You equipped an upgrade kit from Groups A through C for the first time.

Welcome to Circlite Racing! - You signed with Circlite Racing.

Welcome to Squaris GP! - You signed with Squaris GP.

Welcome to Trianchor Alliance! - You signed with Trianchor Alliance.

Welcome to Xealot Motorspot! - You signed with Xealot Motorsport.

Wind Whipper - You obtained Super Slipstream and Zero Slipstream for controlling the effects of slipstreaming.

World Racer - You raced in over 50 Online Battles.




Accomplished - Your Skill Grade has increased to Level 10. You can proudly claim to have earned a rank among the top ridge racers of the world.

Claim to Fame VIP - You’ve been selected as today’s Spotlight VIP for your team.

Filthy VIP - You ranked high in Credit Ranking and earned the title of VIP.

Nitrous Master - You obtained all types of Nitrous kits on the Machine Upgrade Map. Learn to take advantage of each one’s unique properties.

Switching Sides - You transferred teams.

Top Dog VIP - You ranked high in Score Ranking and earned the title of VIP.




Free Agent - You obtained over 30,000 CR, meaning you can transfer to a new team after watching Team Vision.

Stellar - Your Skill Grade has increased to Level 16. You can now claim the title of “ultimate racer.”

Tech Tree Climber - You completed the Machine Upgrade Map.



Platinum Ridge Racer - You earned all the trophies in RIDGE RACER.




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