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PS Vita: Escape Plan

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A Laarg Problem - Kill Laarg in 5 different ways

A Lil Problem - Kill Lil in 5 different ways

Out of the Dumps - Escape the Dumps

Prison Escape - Escape the Prison

Quittin' Time - Escape the Factory

Rock It! - Escape the Workshop

Splatter Fest - Kill minions in 12 different rooms

Test Subjects - Use sheep as test subjects in 6 levels

Trippin - Trip up Lil in 5 rooms




A Cautionary Tale - Collect all the warning signs

Death Comes For Ye - Die in every level in Escape Plan

Starry Night - Earn 3 stars in every level




A Clean Escape - In challenge mode, complete the entire game in less than 20 deaths combined for Lil and Laarg



The Asylum DLC




Chromophobia - Collect all Asylum Warning Signs

Fween! - Release the Shock Minions!!

Trick or Treat - Complete all Asylum rooms in a costume




The Chief Escapes - Complete The Asylum



The Underground DLC




Careful Planning - Complete High Voltage in a single swipe

Mind the Gap - Collect all Underground Warning Signs

Our Dashing Hero - Complete Toot Toot Splat by only juicing up once




Well Traveled - Complete The Underground

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