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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier


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...I Can Do Better - Complete 20 Daily Friend Challenges in Quick Matches

Actionable Intel - Complete 10 Coordinated Kills in Quick Matches

Anything You Can Do... - Complete a Daily Friend Challenge through all return fire volleys in Quick Matches

Backup - Assist a teammate 5 times who is taking fire, suppressed, or has called for help in Quick Matches

Battle Buddies - Complete the campaign in Co-op

Conflict Domination - Be part of a squad match where your team wins by a margin of 5 points or more

Coordinated Assault - Use the Coordination System to reach an objective in a Quick Match

Counter-Intelligence - Interrupt enemy data hacks on teammates 5 times by killing or stunning them in Quick Matches

Cross Trained - Reach Level 10 on one Rifleman, one Scout, and one Engineer character

Decoy Domination - Be part of 5 squad matches where your team completes the true objective first

Doing Work - Kill 1000 enemies while in Guerrilla mode

Field Tested - Play 5 MP matches of each game type in Quick Matches

Good Effect on Target - Kill more than 5 enemies with an airstrike

Good Enough for Government Work - Have a Ghost Skill of 80% for all missions

High-Value Target - Kill 5 High-Value Targets in Quick Matches

Just a Box - While in Guerrilla mode, complete an infiltration sequence without being detected

Kitted Out - Spend attachment credits to customize 1 weapon at all external attachment points

Mod Rookie - Spend an attachment credit to add an attachment to any gun

Qualified - Have a Ghost Skill of 90% for a single mission

Recon Specialist - Complete 5 Intel Assists in Quick Matches

Saboteur Domination - Be part of a squad match where your team takes the objective into the enemy base in under 2 minutes

Siege Domination - Be part of a squad match where your team captures the objective in under 2 minutes

Tactician - Complete 50% of the tactical challenges

Total Domination - Earn all of the Domination Trophies

Tour of Duty: Arctic - Win 3 Quick Matches of any game type on each: Buried, Milled, and Alpha maps

Tour of Duty: Nigeria - Win 3 Quick Matches of any game type on each: Depleted, Abandoned, Blinded, and Collapsed maps

Tour of Duty: North Sea - Win 3 Quick Matches of any game type on each: Harbored, Hijacked, and Rigged maps

True Ghost - Get 10 consecutive kills in one Quick Match without dying

Tuned Up - Spend attachment credits to customize all the internal parts of one weapon




Advanced Warfighter - Complete the campaign in Veteran

Armorer - Spend 25 attachment credits with each role

Call, Answered - Earn all Tour of Duty Trophies

Just Another Day at the Office - Complete the campaign

Master Tactician - Complete 100% of the tactical challenges

Mod Pro - Spend 50 Attachment points to add attachments to various guns

Quality Beats Quantity - Defeat all 50 enemy waves on Guerilla mode (any difficulty, any map)




Future Soldier - Complete the campaign in Elite

High Speed, Low Drag - Reach Level 50 on any character




Platinum Trophy - Platinum Trophy







Arctic Strike DLC




Stockade Domination - Be part of a squad match where your team eliminates the enemy in under 2 minutes.

Tour of Duty: Moscow - Win 3 MP matches of any game type on each: Skyline, Riot, and Evicted maps



Raven Strike DLC




Maximum Effort - Defeat all tactical challanges in Raven Strike




Dirty Work - Complete all 3 maps in Raven Strike on Elite



Versteckte Trophäen




Clean Slate - Take down all four HVTs

Package Delivery - Secure General Kozlov

Tables Turned - Fight your way out of a Bodark ambush



Khyber Strike DLC




Takeover Domination - Be part of a squad match where your team wins by more than 500 points.

Tour of Duty: DLC Map Pack 3 - Win 3 MP of any game type on each: Switchback, Palace, and Transit maps

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