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Resistance: Fall of Man - Patch jetzt online

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Gestern angekündigt und heute schon da. Der 6. Patch zum Shooter Resistance: Fall of Man kann ab sofort heruntergeladen werden.



Neben einigen Balanceänderungen wurde eine Funktion hinzugefügt, die es Nutzern eines Keyboards erlaubt, während des Spiels Screenshots zu erzeugen. Weiterhin wurde die Rumblefunktion hinzugefügt, welche für europäische User noch uninteressant sein dürfte.



Die komplette Liste der Änderungen:





Balance Changes


- Range and damage on the Rossmore 236 has been decreased for both primary and secondary fire modes

- Reload time of the LAARK L209 has been increased.

- Projectile speed of the LAARK L209 has been decreased.

- Splash damage radius of the LAARK L209 has been decreased.

- Hedgehog grenade splash damage has been generally increased, although the radius in which it will kill a player in 1 hit has been decreased.

- Frag grenade splash damage radius has been decreased.

- Arc charger fire rate has been increased.

- Arc charger clip size has been reduced.

- Arc charger damage has been decreased for the primary fire and increased for the secondary fire.

- Rate of fire the bullseye tag (secondary fire) has been decreased.


New Features


- Player with a USB keyboard attached to their Playstation 3 may now take in-game screenshots by pressing the “printscreen” key (multiplayer only). There will be a slight pause as the screenshot is taken. The screenshots will be viewable from the Photo bar of the XMB menu.

- Players may now create a custom game that requires a password for other players to join. When creating a custom game, select the option named “password” and enter the desired password from the on-screen keyboard. Players who are invited into a password protected game by another player already in the game do not need to enter a password to accept the invite. Password protected games will be indicated by a “lock” icon next to the game name in the “Find Game” screen.

-Bullseye Tags may be turned off as a custom game option without turning off the bullseye.

- Carbine 40mm Grenades may be turned off as a custom game option without turning off the carbine.

- There is a new game option named “Send Voice Chat To All”. If this is enabled, then all players in the game may hear voice chat sent from any other player in the game, including players on the opposing team and spectators. Squad voice chat will still only be heard by members of the same squad. This option defaults to off.

- The game option “Round balancing” now has a third option available to custom games – “Aggressive”. If round balancing is set to aggressive, it will attempt to rebalance the teams every round based on how well the players scored in the previous round to create the most even teams. “Aggressive” round balancing WILL split parties.

- Both Multiplayer and Singleplayer Resistance: Fall of Man now support the rumble feature of the Playstation Dual Shock 3 controller.


Bug Fixes


Fixed several possible collision exploits

The “Elite Soldier” and “Assassin” medals are now obtainable in all ranked gametypes instead of just Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch

“Defender” ribbons obtained in ranked CTF games will now correctly add to your total stats

Fixed several issues that could cause party members to drop out of a party

Various lobby, disconnect, and miscellaneous fixes.

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