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Nascar 2011


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One for the Road - Rank up for the first time

Now ya Talkin' - Advance to Rank 10

NXP Challenge - Achieve over 6,666 NXP in a single race

Keep Diggin' - Drive a total of 500 miles or more

Tailgating - Perform a draft of 500 yards or more

Sprint to the Finish - Win a race in Career Mode and get the full 195 points

VIP - Complete all three objectives for a single sponsor in Career Mode

Car Stylist - Create a custom Paint Scheme

Last Man Standing - Survive a 43 car eliminator race to the end

Run the Gauntlet - Win a Gauntlet Invitational Event

The Champ is here! - Win the Championship Showdown Invitational Event

Finishing in First! - Win a race crossing the line in first gear

Give me 4 - Perform your first 4-tire pit stop in any race

Hotrod - Create a custom tuning setup

"Let's Go Racin Boys" - Take part in your first online race

Up on the Wheel - Lead 5 consecutive laps in an online race

Rubbin is Racin! - Race online at every track

Pedal to the Metal - Achieve the fastest lap of the race during an online race

Styling 'N' Profiling - Win a race with a personalized Paint Scheme

Groovy - Master a track. Complete all the objectives on a Master the Track card




Decorated Driver - Advance to Rank 20

Saddle Up & Hang On - Qualify in pole position at every circuit in the game in Career Mode

Victory Lane - Win a race at every circuit in the game

Star of Tomorrow - Achieve a total of 100 fastest laps

Race Rivalry - Achieve 20 rival victories. (Online Only)

Race to the Chase - Achieve enough points in Career Mode to move into The Chase, as one of the top 12 drivers

Cup Contender - Achieve a top 10 finish in every Career Mode race

Any Place, Any Time - Compete in every Invitational Event

MVP - Receive full sponsorship status for your driver in Career Mode

Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday - Win a race in all brands of car

Pit Perfection - Perform a 4-tire pit stop, and go on to win the race. (Online Only)

Ride in Style - Collect 88 Paint Schemes by racing in Invitational Events and reaching rank 29

Surfin' USA - Master every track in the game

Name to Remember - Unlock every Gold Legends Coin in the game

Kingly - Defeat Richard Petty's race win record of 200 wins.




NASCAR Legend - Advance to Rank 30

Series Champion - Finish top of Career Mode standings and become the Sprint Cup series champion

Boy Scout - Unlock every NASCAR Pin in the game




Platinum - Unlock every trophy in the game.


Versteckte Trophäen




Rookie Mistake - Receive a drive through or speeding penalty

Celebration Shot - Take and save a photograph of the driver celebrating on the car after a Career Mode race win

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