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100 Yen Trash Can


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Quickly Rotated Trash 30 Times! - Rotated Trash, Mr. Super Rotate.

Closed the Lid! - Closed the Lid, Mr. Skillful.

Shook the Trash Can! - Shook the Trash Can, Mr. Skillful.

Put aside some MOTTAINAI! - Put aside some Mottainai, Mr. Skillful.

Destroyed a Dumbbell! - You are Super Dumbbell Killer!!!

Destroyed an Iron Shelf Rack! - The Iron Shelf Rack Killer.

Destroyed a Personal Computer! - The Personal Computer Killer.

Destroyed a Temple Bell! - The Temple Bell Killer.

Destroyed a Slide! - The Slide Killer.




Destroyed the 1st Boss! - The Stage 1 Killer.

Destroyed the 2nd Boss! - The Stage 2 Killer.

Destroyed the 3rd Boss! - The Stage 3 Killer.




Got all Home Rewards! - Home Rewards: Mr. All Get You.

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