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PS Vita: Super Stardust Delta

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Bombs Away - Orbit Bomber – Get 1 000 000 points

Core Destroyer - Trucker – Destroy 30 green cores

Crushing - Crush – Complete mode

Hero of Alena - Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Alena

Hero of Mahler - Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Mahler

Hero of Sekora - Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Sekora

Hero of Werth - Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Werth

Hero of Yuriko - Arcade, Planets – Complete planet Yuriko

Hot Roller - Rock & Roll – Get 50x multiplier

Scrooge MacBoom - Arcade – Get 10 special weapons

Shield Blaster - Arcade, Planets – Collect 5 shield tokens while already having a shield

Slick - Disc Slide – Get 10x multiplier

The Tokenizer - Arcade, Planets – Collect 15 tokens with a single boost




Multiplier Hero - Arcade, Planets – Get 20x multiplier




Hero of the Galaxy - Arcade – Complete all planets

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