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Ninja Gaiden 3

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An Honorable Death - Perform Harakiri.

Falcon Dive - Learn the Falcon Dive.

Flying Bird Flip - Learn the Flying Bird Flip.

Guardian of the Village - Play the Hidden Village stage 10 times.

I Got Your Back - Play a Co-op Ninja Trial with a partner.

Initiation - Play a Clan Battle.

Izuna Drop - Learn the Izuna Drop.

Kunai Climb - Learn the Kunai Climb.

Observer - Play the Watchtower stage 10 times.

One Against the World - Win a battle royale match.

Rope Crossing - Learn how to cross a rope.

Shady - Perform a betrayal.

Sliding - Learn how to slide.

Sneaky - Perform a ghost kill.

Snowman - Play the Snowfield stage 10 times.

Steel on Bone - Cut down 100 enemies with Steel on Bone attacks.

Teamwork - Win 10 team battles.

The Spice of Life - Get 10 customization parts.

Ultimate Technique - Learn the Ultimate Technique.

Wall Run - Learn the Wall Run.




Walking Dictionary - Get 100 kanji.




Master of the Secret Arts - Obtain all trophies.




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