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Devil May Cry 2 HD

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Ball 'n Chain - Defeat Plutonian

En Vogue - Perform an S Rank Combo using Lucia

Every Knee Will Bend - Finish the game on Normal Mode with any character

Extinguished - Defeat the final boss with either Dante or Lucia

First Blood - Pass 1000 levels in Bloody Palace Mode

Highest Honor - Achieve an S Rank on any Mission with Dante

Never Forget a Face - Defeat Trismagia

No Joke - Defeat Jokatgulm

Not Just Any Ordinary Human - Defeat Phantom

Stylish! - Perform an S Rank Combo using Dante

That's A Big Mother... - Defeat Noctpteran

The Sky's The Limit - Achieve an S Rank on any Mission with Lucia




A Secret Revealed - Complete a Secret Mission

Armed and Dangerous - Reach Level 3 on any Sword with Lucia

Arms Race - Reach Level 3 on any Gun with Dante

Barehand Beauty - Finish the game on any difficulty with Trish

Blood Letting - Pass 5000 floors in Bloody Palace Mode

Caeruleus Diabolus - Collect 12 Blue Orb fragments (Dante/Lucia)

Check Out My Collection - Collect all Arsenals with Lucia

Deep One - Defeat Tateobesu

Every Head Will Bow - Finish the game on Hard Mode with any character

Full Armory - Collect all Swords with Dante

Hungry Like the Wolves - Defeat Bolverk

Magica Maxima - Max out Devil Trigger Gauge with any character

Monkeying Around - Defeat Orangguerra

Sin City - Defeat Nefasturris

Take Heart, Lucia - Collect all Devil Hearts with Lucia

Two Heads are Better Than One - Defeat Tartarussian

Vita Maxima - Max out Health Bar with any character




Every Tongue Will Confess - Finish the game on Must Die Mode with any character

Like A Hot Knife Through Butter - Reach Level 3 on all Swords with Dante

Over 9000! - Pass 9000 floors in Bloody Palace Mode

To The Max - Reach Level 3 on all Arsenals with Lucia




Platinum Trophy - Unlock all trophies

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