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Annoying Little Fly - Kill a player flying a Vulture pack by ramming them with your Hawk.

ARMed and Dangerous - Kill an enemy with the A.R.M.

Build & Battle - Use Build & Battle for the first time in multiplayer.

CTF Starter - Win your first Capture the Flag game.

Curious Builder - Build one of every available structure in a single multiplayer game.

Deadeye - With the LR-3 Railgun, kill an enemy from more than 2,500 feet away.

Eagle Eye - Shoot down a flying Hawk with the Ox Heavy Tank.

First Blood - Get your first kill in multiplayer.

Hat Trick - Destroy a fully-loaded Razorback with R-Sec proximity charges.

Long Bomb - Kill an enemy with a Tetranite Grenade from at least 200 feet away.

Mancake! - Kill an enemy by dropping a structure on them.

Mech My Day - Shoot the pilot out of a Hawk while it's on the ground.

Minor Miscalculation - Kill an enemy with his own R-Sec proximity charge.

Out of the Saddle - Shoot the driver, passenger, or gunner out of a Razorback.

Prospector Starter - Win your first Prospector game.

Ready Up - Use Build & Battle for the first time in the campaign.

Rear Gunner - Shoot down a Hawk with the Razorback turret.

Saboteur - Destroy an enemy vehicle with the Welding Torch.

Takedown - Kill an enemy with a melee attack.

TDM Starter - Win your first Team Deathmatch game.

The First of Many - Win your first multiplayer game.

Zones Starter - Win your first Zones game.




Conqueror - Win 100 multiplayer games.

CTF Veteran - Win 100 Capture the Flag games.

Lone Wolf - Play a perfect Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths).

Outlaw - Get 1,000 kills in multiplayer.

Perfect Harvest - Win a Prospector game without losing any lives.

Prolific Builder - Build 100 structures in multiplayer.

Prospector Veteran - Win 50 Prospector games.

TDM Veteran - Win 100 Team Deathmatch games.

Team Leader - Play a perfect Team Deathmatch game (top player, no deaths).

Zones Veteran - Win 100 Zones games.




Starhawk Veteran - Earn every single trophy in Starhawk.






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