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Dragon`s Dogma

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A Queen's Regalia - Dressed a male party member in women's clothing.

Affinity and Beyond - Raised a person's affinity to the maximum.

Foreign Recruit - Enlisted a pawn to your party from beyond the rift.

Human Resources - Changed your vocation.

Inhuman Resources - Changed your main pawn's vocation.

Into Dripstone Cave - Entered the azure caverns.

Into Soulflayer Canyon - Entered the Soulflayer Canyon.

Into the Ancient Quarry - Entered the ancient quarry.

Into the Frontier Caverns - Entered the southwestern caves.

Into the Manse - Entered the duke's manse.

Local Recruit - Directly enlisted a pawn to your party.

The Captain - Enlisted a large number of pawns.

The Craftsman - Combined two materials to make an item.

The Escort - Acted as a reliable travel companion.

The Knave - Obtained a forgery.

The Laborer - Completed 50 notice board quests.

The Patron - Helped Madeleine open her shop.

The Philanthropist - Gave 50 presents.

The Savior - Used a Wakestone to restore the dead to life.

The Tourist - Visited 50 locations.

The Vagabond - Visited 100 locations.

The Veteran - Defeated 3,000 enemies.

Well Equipped - Obtained 350 pieces total of weapons and armor.




The Coin Collector - Earned a total of 10,000,000G.

The Explorer - Visited 150 locations.

The Hero - Completed all pre-planned, non-notice board quests.

The Specialist - Learned all the skills of a single vocation.




The Ever-Turning Wheel - Completed the adventure a second time.




The True Arisen - Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies.





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:haha: Die erste Trophy ist geil! :haha:

Oh ja, auf die Trophäe bin ich dank eines Kommentars auf der Hauptseite aufmerksam geworden. Einfach nur lustig. :haha:

Lache, und die ganze Welt lacht mit dir. Weine, und du weinst allein.

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